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With full training and extensive marketing support, we will help you build a business that you can be proud of. We will give you all the tools and support that you will need to scale and expand the services that you offer to your clients.
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Fantastic Services Co-Founders Anton Skarlatov & Rune Sovndahl

Partnerships are at the heart of our success

The demand for home services of all descriptions is growing on a daily basis. In fact, in the last four years, the market has increased by a phenomenal 8.8% to just under £10billion per year.

This is where your future as a Fantastic Partner gets very interesting. Under the visionary leadership of Anton Skarlov and Rune Sovndahl Fantastic Services invested over £20m in some of the most advanced home services technology on the planet.

The result is that Fantastic Services Partners services over 50,000 clients per month, and, that number keeps growing as new partnerships are established.

If you would like to find out how this technology could help you launch a business please book a discovery call now.

Jorge one of Fantastic Services multi-service franchise owner

World Class Training & Support Ensure Rapid Growth

Launching a business under the Fantastic Services brand means that you are opening your own, local business with a huge team of seasoned professionals supporting you every step of the way.


We invested over £20 million in technology and we made our state-of-the-art CRM system and two handy apps, to make our partner’s work as easy and automated as it can be.

Over 100 services in one place

We know the ins and outs of over 100 services and have the blueprint of transforming them into profitable businesses. We truly are a one-stop-shop for successful franchising opportunities.

All the support you’ll need

With our ongoing training, personal coaching and over 500+ experts, working tirelessly to help your business grow, Fantastic Services gives you support like no other franchisor. We truly care about your success.

Christina Koleva Franchise Marketing PR Manager

Numbers speak louder than words… at least ours do

£40 million

Our yearly turnover

£20 million

Technology investments


Monthly clients


Fantastic club members


Working with us


Franchising units




Area Development Franchisees


Master Franchisees


Support staff in our HQ


Property maintenance services


Awards in 2 years


Years of experience


Countries where we operate



Fantastic only when we are #FantasticTogether

Responsibility and care are the foundation of our Fantastic brand. We care about our customers, our employees, our planet, and above all, about our partners. We can never be truly Fantastic without them. We thoroughly believe that everyone we touch should get the best experience possible. We call that the 360° circle of happiness, actively persuading this end-goal. We pride ourselves in our quality service, leaving tens of thousands of customers happy each month. Fantastic Services created over 2000 jobs with some of the best benefits for its employees. We actively seek new ways to ensure our planet’s betterment and aim at carbon neutrality until the end of the decade.

Last but not least, we make sure our partners are just as motivated, enthusiastic, and happy with their choice as they were the first time we talked. That’s not just our corporate responsibility. That’s genuinely our purpose.

Fantastic only when we are #FantasticTogether

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From a couch to the fastest-growing franchise in the UK in under a decade

Looking at Fantastic Services’ success, it’s hard to imagine that in 2009 the company consisted of one couch, one shared phone, two laptops and two very talented go-getters with a single vision- to personally take the property maintenance business into the 21st century.

Now we have over £40 million annual turnovers, 50,000 monthly customers, over 2,000 employees across three continents, 860+ franchising units, 530+ franchisees, 35+ Area Development Franchisees, and several Master Franchisees. We’ve achieved all of this through hard labour, countless hours of work, and millions of pounds invested in our business model.

We faced countless problems, turmoils, and turbulent times during our rise from a small one couch operation to an 8-figure franchising business. We learned how to navigate our business and pass through all political, economic, and health crises relatively unscathed. All of this helped us create a bulletproof business model that can help anyone start a successful business, no matter their previous experience.

From a couch to the fastest-growing franchise in the UK in under a decade
We paved the way for your business with a perfect work/life balance

We paved the way for your business with a perfect work/life balance

Now Fantastic Services is ready to help you build your story and make it even better than ours. With our help, you won’t need a decade to grow into a substantial business, you won’t be working extra hours, there won’t be sleepless nights, and most importantly, there won’t be missing memories with your children, family and friends. You will have all the time to watch your kids grow, enjoy their smiles and at the same time leave a legacy for them after you go into a well-deserved retirement. You can have the cake and eat it too.

It’s never too late to start investing in your Fantastic future. On the contrary, it’s a wise decision that will bring you better golden years, more free time to enjoy your loved ones and hobbies, and the priceless feeling of fulfilment you can never have while working for someone else.

Your brighter future is just a click away!

Business opportunities tailored to your needs

Rune and Anton Master Franchise

Master Franchise

Have the exclusive right to develop, manage and sub-franchise the Fantastic Services brand in an entire country. Be the one to introduce our Fantastic business model in your country.

  • Full ownership of the franchising rights for the country
  • Right to sell ADF and WF franchises
  • Professional business coaching and technical support
  • Extensive help in developing the brand in the country
  • Full back end system access allows you to your business smoothly from day one
  • £20 million in tech-solutions at your disposal
  • Assistance with sales, customer support and IT
Area Development Franchise

Area Development Franchise

Have the exclusive right to develop, manage and sub-franchise an area. Enjoy making your community cleaner and tidier without leaving the comfort of your home.

  • Exclusive ownership of franchising rights for an administrative area
  • Rights to sub-franchise to Working Franchisees in your area
  • Full support and individual coaching
  • Training and full explanation of the industry
  • An award-winning business model for your fast growth
  • £20 million in tech-solutions at your disposal
  • Full assistance in sales, marketing, IT, finances, legal, and customer support


Work your own schedule and get as many clients as you want. With this opportunity, you will run one or more teams while still working on-site.

  • Low-investment and low-risk opportunity
  • Full training both on and off-site
  • Easy schedule management with our bFantastic App
  • A steady flow of customers depending on your availability
  • Full marketing, sales, IT, financial, legal, and customer service support
  • Business advice and help when growing your business

We are ready to help you become Fantastic, wherever you may be

We’ve begun gaining foot across the world and sharing our Fantastic practices with Fantastic people. We are well-known in the UK, Australia, Ireland, and Hungary already, and we are looking for partners from across the globe. Are you ready to be our next success story?

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