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A fantastic franchise was born

It all began in 2009 with a meeting of Rune Sovndahl and Anton Skarlatov – our company-founders-to-be back then. At that time Anton ran a small cleaning business with a handful of employees. A short while later, they realised they could change the way people book and deliver services for their homes and office. For good.

The one-stop-shop, named Fantastic Services was born. The demand was growing so rapidly that Rune and Anton decided to expand their business through franchising.

Today, Fantastic Services has grown into a multi-niche service company, providing more than 100 professional property maintenance services across the UK, the EU, and Australia.

Fantastic for a number of reasons

The once small cleaning business has blossomed into a global multi-services franchise with more than 2,000 professionals and over 530 franchise partners across the world. This is all thanks to all the Fantastic Team members, their commitment, and their love for the brand.

Expected sales a year

expected sales a year
Start a profitable business in a thriving industry under a recognised brand
50 000 monthly customers

customers monthly
We reach a broad audience through digital and offline marketing and PR strategies.
increase in customer retention

increase in customer retention
We increased customer retention by 34% due to handling customer services faster than anyone else.

What we believe in

We believe that franchising should be a mutually beneficial relationship.

Our 10-year mission is to help 1000 people build their 1-million-pound business and dominate the property maintenance industry in their area of operation.

We believe in long-term partnerships. We invest in an online training platform and individual coaching for our franchisees. Our success depends on our partners' success.

We are honest and transparent. We go the extra mile by providing an honest and loyal partnership. We open up by sharing the ups and downs of Fantastic Services, publicly releasing a real-time flow of data.

We use technology where it works and heart where it matters. By investing more than £20 million in building disruptive technology, we aim to constantly improve our work process, making it easier for both customers and franchisees.

Our mission
Fantastic Services Team Members

Our 360° happiness philosophy

Our Fantastic Philosophy revolves around the simple idea of delivering excellent results for all customers, technicians, franchisees and in-house professionals. We always make sure our franchise partners have everything they need to provide stellar-quality services. Each day of the week, we set out to make yet another 360-degree circle of happiness by doing whatever it takes to keep everybody satisfied. That’s our philosophy – simple, yet powerful.

Our Fantastic Humans

All our franchise partners receive professional support and guidance from the same team that has shaped and grown the Fantastic Services brand. We are lucky to work with passionate people who are truly Fantastic at what they do. Over 500 in-house marketing, IT, accounting, SEO and customer service experts are taking care of every side of the business on a daily basis. Each member of the Fantastic Team puts their heart and soul into expanding our franchisees’ business.

Let’s continue writing our story together.

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