Sustainability at our core

We act in ways to create a better planet and a more sustainable future for everyone. Our goal is to make a difference in people’s lives by doing business the conscious way.

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Building local businesses to support the economy and the environment

Being a franchisor and building hundreds of small businesses by using the “Fantastic formula” is, ultimately, the first major step towards sustainability that we took. Our franchisees work with cleaners, technicians and thousands of professionals that support community development activities and boost the local economy at a high rate. Through our services, we help these small businesses balance commercial success with environmental impact and sustainability. We’re constantly looking for new ways to reduce our footprint on the planet and influence the decisions of other franchisors, our franchise partners, their technicians and all our clients to secure a better future.
Building local businesses

The clean-repair-maintain policy

Rather than draining Earth’s resources, we help people make decisions designed to be restorative and regenerative. One way of accomplishing this is through а circular economy – a system of closed loops in which products and materials lose their value as little as possible and regenerate natural systems. In the age of consumerism, not buying new stuff is considered a bold and fearless move. When the world’s climate is at stake, going for less is more is part of our Fantastic formula for eco-success. We make sure that this formula is passed on to our clients by preserving their property for longer. We challenge our customers to be bold and start living a more conscious and minimalistic life by regularly taking care of their belongings and not giving in to the trend of buying new stuff.
Clean repair maintain policy

Sustainable way of maintaining properties

Eco friendly
We make a difference one eco-friendly detergent at a time.

We use eco-friendly detergents when cleaning your place, and sometimes, we don’t even use detergents at all. For example, we do window cleaning with purified water only, so there are no chemicals. We also use electric equipment instead of petrol-based.

Long live
Long live the goods!

We encourage our clients to reduce waste by holding on to their belongings for as long as possible. How do we do it? We take care of their belongings regularly, which ultimately leads to their longer lifecycle.

Phone calls
Fewer phone calls = Less CO2

Did you know that a phone call produces 57 g of CO2? Our continuous investment in technology unites our clients’ devotion and love for nature by offering user-friendly apps and being eco-friendly at the same time.

Responsible waste
Responsible waste collection and disposal

We are supporters of the minimalistic approach of keeping your belongings clean and functional for as long as you can, but if you are still willing to get rid of a piece of furniture, you may count on us. We will organise a responsible collection and disposal of your unwanted items.

Planting our way to a better-shared future

We are people of action and do our best to keep the cycle going by planting trees and returning the balance of oxygen and CO2 in the air. In 2019, we started our tree planting initiative where, with the owner’s consent, we would plant trees for free in our clients’ yards.