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With a yearly revenue of over €47 million – and franchisees on three different continents – Fantastic Services is one of the most exciting franchise opportunities in Europe.

Start using Fantastic Services' proven business model and begin franchising in Belgium the right way – supported by a central team of over five hundred experts whose job it is to help you grow.

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Belgium has a massive demand for home services. The country actually introduced a huge national scheme to fund house cleaners for Belgians – to the tune of around €1.7 billion per year. Following this, there was an overwhelming call for cleaning services – one that the scheme itself has proven unable to provide for.

This makes cleaning a great franchise to start in Belgium, but other home services franchises are not to be left behind. Belgians tend to have a high level of “disposable” income – and studies have prominently described the way that local people who used the voucher scheme were then able to work longer hours or experience a higher standard of living.

The scheme also courted a certain controversy, with progressive thinkers worried that cleaners who were paid with the vouchers were being exploited. This has driven a desire among many Belgians to use more reputable, known brands who pay their professionals fairly – brands just like Fantastic Services.

From regular home cleaning to pest control, franchises from Fantastic Services give you all of the support you need to start and grow your business in the positive conditions provided for the sector in Belgium. Which sort of franchise appeals most to you?

Fantastic Cleaners Professional

Cleaning services franchise

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The incredible demand revealed by Belgium's voucher scheme means that a cleaning franchise is a smart choice for the Belgian economy. With a huge range of over 100 home maintenance and improvement services offered – including oven cleaning franchises, window cleaning and many others – Fantastic Services leaves you ideally placed to target that demand.

Cleaning activities as a whole are expected to be worth something like €2.7 billion to the Belgian economy by 2025. That's a huge pie – and one that Fantastic Services' proven processes and approach is perfect for exploiting.

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Fantastic Gardeners Professional Doing Landscaping

Gardening franchises

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Even back in 2015, the average Belgian spent around €685 on their garden every year. That's a pretty high level of expenditure – and an investment that needs to be cared for. It's also important to note that over 50% of Belgians say they never or barely ever do gardening.

Fantastic Services' gardening franchises in Belgium enable you to position yourself as the ideal provider of the gardening services needed by so many people in Belgium. Have customers found for you via powerful online marketing activities and enjoy constant support to boost your business's growth.

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Fantastic Service Plumbing Franchise

Plumbing franchises

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That demand for home services in Belgium doesn't stop at home cleaning. Plumbers tend to be financially well-rewarded for their services in Belgium – something that meshes well with Fantastic Services' plumbing franchises positioning as a reliable provider of high-quality plumbing services.

It's expected that plumbing, heating, and air conditioning installation in Belgium is set to be worth over €4.4 billion per year in the next five years. Plumbing's share of that is set to be huge – and that doesn't even cover the maintenance and repair work that is the meat of so many plumbers' daily schedules.

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How to buy a franchise business

Choosing to buy a franchise is the first step. The next is to consider what type of franchise might be the best choice for you. Fantastic Services gives you the choice of three different options.

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Working Franchise

First, our Working Franchise. Here, your hard work in delivering your chosen type of home services every day is supported by over five hundred specialists. It's the job of the central Fantastic Services team to fill your working schedule with clients every day. They also take care of customer service, marketing and more. All so you can concentrate on the day-to-day running of your business.

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Area Development Franchise

Second is our Area Development Franchise. Here, you don't only run your own franchise. You are also in charge of introducing the Fantastic Services brand to your entire area. This can be a very lucrative way to get into franchising. But it also comes with more responsibility.

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Master Franchise

Finally, our Master Franchisees are Area Development Franchises taken to the next level. Here, you are responsible for Fantastic Services operations in your entire region or country.

Which is best for you? How much drive and dedication do you have? What skills and experience do you bring? How much are you planning to invest? We always want to talk to hard-working people with an eye on the future.

How to get a franchise that's right for you

Talk to us today to start exploring your options. The franchise that will be right for you will depend on a number of different factors. Most importantly, what you want to get out of your new business.

Fantastic Services knows how to make small businesses succeed. Starting as a team of five and having grown to a global franchise of over 2000 professionals, we have processes that have proven themselves over five hundred times before with our other franchisees.

If you're wondering where to buy a franchise, why not discuss it with one of our experts? There's no commitment or obligation.

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