There comes a time in everyone’s life when you become sick and tired of working for someone else’s dream. Even if you have a dream job with the perfect colleagues and an understanding boss, it is still a job. Your efforts might be paid handsomely, but you don’t get the entire worth of your productivity. So you start looking for something different that will accommodate your schedule, bring fulfillment, and bring you financial stability and independence. 

If you haven’t thought about this yet, don’t worry. You will. Everyone does. You will start searching for information, looking near and far for business opportunities, yet somehow everyone forgets to look right under their noses. For some obscure reason, people tend to overlook the services they use every day, like cleaning, gardening, plumbing, electrical work, and many others, which are actually some of the most successful businesses. Yet you never thought about them as business associates, which doesn’t make much sense, because there are at least five reasons you should make your service provider into your business partner. 

Table of Content
Table of Contents:
  1. You know them
  2. You have seen their work and quality
  3. You know what your clients would expect
  4. You already have the connection
  5. You can follow their membership emails for special business opportunities
  6. Is there a reason not to trust your service provider?

You know them

When you are looking where to invest a life-changing amount of your savings, you should be extra careful. There are tons of pyramid schemes and all kinds of unreliable business opportunities that promise you all the money in the world for practically zero effort. You never know in these cases whether you are throwing all your money in a bottomless pit or not. On the other hand, if you have a service provider you trust and like, you already know they have a business. You know that their business has been around for at least the time you’ve been using them, and you can actually confirm that they provide a service. It’s not a pyramid or any other scheme. This is a highly valuable perk that can come only if you decide to give your service provider a chance to become your business partner. 

You have seen their work and quality

Another huge benefit is that half of your research has been done in advance. You’ve been using their services for quite some time, and you know their work ethics perfectly well. Since you are already their client, you know there is a demand. More importantly, you have a first-hand look at the quality of the provided services. 

Basically, you have an insight into how things work. For example, with Fantastic Services, every club member already knows that there is a handy app, so they know that booking is made via technology. That’s before they even start researching and finding out that the company has invested over £20 million in technological solutions. 

Furthermore, our customers already know about the premium quality our teams provide, so they understand a potential investment with us will get them in a high-quality service niche with certain standards to uphold.  

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You know what your clients would expect

As a client of the provided services, you know perfectly well what you expect from them. This gives you an invaluable insight into the client’s profile. Most often, the clients of a particular service have the same traits, needs, and understandings. Furthermore, the client base is most probably part of your community, so if you start a business with your service provider, you will likely have the edge of working for your own community, where you are well-known and respected. 

Moreover, joining a well-established brand you know is active in your community will guarantee you a jump-start in your business endeavor, and you will enjoy some quality customers from the very first day. 

You already have the connection

One of the biggest perks of deciding to invest with your service provider is the fact you already have a connection. You can engage the provider in a small talk to learn more about the opportunity without ever stating your intention. More importantly, you can even get a direct connection with the people who run the show in your area. It’s a no-brainer that this way, you can ask all the valuable questions before you decide to invest your time into business talks with the actual company. Moreover, you can get an honest, unrefined opinion about the good and the bad of the company.

Such was the Fantastic journey of Jorge Santos, one of our most prominent Area Development Franchisees (ADF). Jorge was a restaurant and nightclub manager for 30 years before he started looking to build his own business. Our star ADF was researching all kinds of options until one day he ordered an end-of-tenancy cleaning by Fantastic Services. Jorge talked to the service provider and learned that his domestic service provider, which he had used for eight years, offers some lucrative business opportunities. 

Using your existing connections is always of enormous benefit. It spares you time and efforts to find the right people to talk to, and more importantly, it takes away the initial embracement of asking questions.

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You can follow their membership emails for special business opportunities

Your connection is not only through the service providers, though. Most stay in touch with their customers via emails. While most of us regard them as spam and disregard them without even giving them a chance, those emails may be the most valuable resource in your search for business opportunities. Any service provider who wants to expand their brand with franchising is happy to provide their resources and know-how first to their customers since they are the ones who know best what the customer would expect. In this sense, such companies often give special offers to their customers to help them start their own franchising businesses.

Fantastic Services, for example, tries to extend a special offer to their Fantastic Club Members at least once a month. Five people have already taken advantage of these offers and are now working on their success stories with our help. 

Is there a reason not to trust your service provider?

You trust your service provider with maintaining your property. When you come to think of it, there is no logical reason why you shouldn’t trust them with your investment if they’ve already proven their reliability. Going into business with your service provider is probably the best step you can take toward your business goals. Just make sure that they meet the criteria described in this article as a franchisor. 

If you are a Fantastic Club Member and you have business ambitions but you need a little push, why not book a discovery call with one of our experts, who will gladly help you in creating your very own successful franchising business.

  • Last update: May 23, 2022

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