As someone who’s developed a £32 million turnover business from nothing in less than nine years, Fantastic Services CEO and Co-Founder Rune Sovndahl is often asked to provide advice for entrepreneurs.

The latest publication to receive some of the pearls of wisdom he earned during the building of Fantastic Services is Business Business Business magazine, where he’s contributed 9 tips for successful development.

Business Business Business is an online information space designed “for business owners, by business owners”. It’s a great place to visit no matter what industry you’re in and no matter what your level of experience. It’s also space where Rune has had his entrepreneurial advice featured before, in an article about how to start your business in 6 steps.

This time, Rune returns to give some more general advice for entrepreneurs both new and experienced.

What are Rune’s 9 tips for successful development?

A lot of ground gets covered in the article. But some of Rune’s top tips for entrepreneurs – gained through his many years of, in his own words, “trying, failing, trying and succeeding” in making Fantastic Services work – include:

  • Keep on learning – the Fantastic Services CEO is constantly reading and learning, even in his “off” hours. He will gladly talk to you – at length! – about the many benefits of constantly refining your knowledge.
  • Learn from everywhere, and everyone – as well as book reading, Rune has developed the habit of learning from others, and highly recommends you do the same if you want your business to succeed. You might have many skills, but you haven’t acquired them all yet!
  • Put that learning into practice – and once you’ve gained those skills, you need to practice them to keep them sharp. It’s no good being incredibly practised at something and then letting five years go by. Is your knowledge still current? Are your skills?

To find out more, follow the link to the article on 9 tips for successful development over on the Business Business Business website.

Advice for entrepreneurs and business leaders

You can find more of Rune’s tips and hacks for entrepreneurs and business leaders dotted around all sorts of publications, both online and in print.

You should always check the experience behind the advice you’re getting before heeding it. Listening to someone like Rune, who’s been there and done that the hard way, is usually a solid basis for learning!

  • Last update: November 17, 2020

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