We can all agree that cleaning is a chore that few of us like to do. No one likes to spend their weekends hoovering and breaking a sweat mopping the floors and dusting the furniture. This is why the cleaning industry is booming. With a rising number of cleaning franchise opportunities in the UK for you to choose from, you could consider a domestic cleaning franchise in the UK. After all, these types of franchises work with a proven and profitable business model that can be your foundation for growth. So, what are the benefits of running your own cleaning franchise in the UK, is this a profitable venture and which cleaning franchise should you choose? Keep reading to find out!

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Table of Contents:

Benefits of operating as a franchise

There are so many benefits of operating as a franchise, making it an extremely popular business model that offers you safety and security as well as profitability. Let’s take a look at some of these below.

  • Enjoy gradual growth: As a cleaning franchise in the UK, you can expect to enjoy gradual but steady growth as your business gets off the ground. This growth is, in part, driven by the franchisor, which offers you training, support and even a steady stream of clients to service.  
  • Flexibility when it comes to clients: Worried about not having the time to attend your child’s school concert or sports event? With a domestic cleaning franchise, you no longer have to worry because franchising gives you the flexibility to service clients at times suitable for you.  
  • A proven business model: Working with a franchise means working with a proven business model. After all, it wouldn’t be a successful franchise already if it wasn’t proven. And the best part? It’s a profitable endeavour, too. 
  • An established brand name: You also don’t need to worry about establishing your name from scratch as you will be working with an established industry brand name that already has an existing client base.
  • Ongoing training and support: There’s no going at it alone with a franchise either. You’ll get full and ongoing training and support so that you can carry out the tasks needed to serve your clients to the highest industry standards.
  • No cleaning skills required: It’s not a requirement that you need to pick up a mop and start cleaning. You can hire staff to do this for you. Just make sure you vet them and ensure a thorough recruitment process.
  • An existing marketing infrastructure: You will also not need to worry about marketing and advertising, as these efforts are taken care of by the parent brand. This takes away one more hassle and worries, enabling you to focus on the jobs at hand. 
  • Regular and reliable income: Depending on how much effort you put into your cleaning franchise, you can enjoy a stream of regular and reliable income. 
  • Low set-up costs: Starting a domestic cleaning franchise doesn’t need to be prohibitive in terms of costs. You pay a fixed fee in terms of your franchise agreement. 
  • A strong and robust industry: The cleaning industry in the UK is strong and robust and is valued at billions of pounds annually. This makes it a safe investment choice for you. 
  • The cleaning industry is set to grow: With an increasing number of people relying on external help to address their chores at home, you can expect the cleaning industry in the UK to continue growing. 
  • A sale-able asset: If you feel that you no longer wish to continue with your franchise business, you can always sell it as it is a sale-able asset. 

Are cleaning franchises profitable?

If you are wondering, “are franchises profitable in the UK,” the answer is a definite yes. However, your cleaning franchise profit will ultimately depend on several factors. These include the amount of time you’re willing to put into your business to get it off the ground and to continue on an expansion path as well as the effort needed to do so. You’ll need to consider recruiting staff to help you get the cleaning jobs done, and this will involve the payment of salaries. Luckily, you don’t need to worry about rental and fixed location costs as you’ll be mainly working from your clients’ homes. Ultimately, cleaning franchises are profitable for several reasons, and your anticipated income and profit will depend on you and your efforts. If you’re a self-motivated individual, a cleaning franchise is the perfect choice for you. 

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