During the past few months, we’ve significantly expanded our franchise network. We welcomed many people from different backgrounds to the Fantastic family. Some of them – on furlough, some claiming Universal credit, others – big investors, looking to enter a sustainable industry. But the reason they all joined us was the same – to build a successful business. 

How our franchise responds to the economic crisis caused by the pandemic

11 years ago, Fantastic Services was started with less than £6,000. Thanks to our out-of-the-box thinking, innovative minds and hard-work, today our franchise company is in the middle of a tremendous global expansion. Our crisis-proof business model, the sustainable industry we’re in and the growing demand for home services is what keeps attracting hundreds of investors. 

In view of the current situation, we’ve decided to give everybody the chance to grow a successful business, for an initial fee as small as £5,000. Until now, our working franchise opportunity was available mostly in London. Today, our smallest and most affordable franchise opportunity is available for anyone, anywhere across the UK. 

What is a working franchise and is it for you? 

Simply put, our working franchise involves running a single unit or managing a couple of teams, while still operating on-field. 

You can choose from a range of services including cleaning, gardening, landscaping, locksmith, pest control, removals, rubbish removal and more. Let’s say you start with cleaning, for example, then you’ll be able to add more specific services, such as carpet cleaning or oven cleaning. Whether you offer a single service or go wild from the beginning and deliver a whole range, is completely up to you. That’s the best part – you can always add more services to your portfolio and there will always be room to grow.

[tip] You also have the freedom to choose whether you’ll work on-field, together with your team(s), or you’ll recruit and manage a whole network of teams.

Is it time to re-route your career path towards the home service industry?

The unexpected COVID-19 outbreak disrupted many habits, yanked us out of our comfort zones, and gave us all the chance to reflect. If during the pandemic, you started to re-think your career, you must know, you’re not alone!

Many suffered job losses, others experienced pay cuts. The recovery of hardest-hit sectors such as transportation, tourism, accommodation, retail and food will take more than five years, in the best-case scenario. Lots of people in these affected and vulnerable sectors, consider re-skilling and joining the property-maintenance industry. 

If you’re thinking about a career change, make sure your new target field is sustainable and the service or product is “essential”. All the services provided by Fantastic Services such as cleaning, antiviral sanitisation, handyman, pest control and all other property-maintenance services are considered such!

Enter a “safe” industry with a proven business model by Fantastic Services and a much lower investment.

We’ve mapped out some of the most important advantages of joining the property-maintenance market with support by Fantastic Services:

  • High demand  – With the majority spending more time at home since the Covid outbreak, it’s not a secret that the demand for home services is taking the world by storm. Cleaning, gardening, pest control, plumbing, electrician, handyman, locksmith, removals, waste removal – people need them now more than ever.
  • Sustainability – our “essential” franchise can grow despite economic and government restrictions due to the essence of the industry. It gives you the chance to become a backbone of your local community and be there for people when they need your services the most.
  • Viability – Fantastic Services has an opportunity for everyone. We give you the chance to run a successful business and be your own boss, no matter your financial situation. Start small and build a thriving business with our continuous support and advanced technology.
  • Inclusivity – Whether you’re located in Manchester, Redhill or Coventry, we’ve got you! We’ve grown so much during the past 11 years, so we can offer a working franchise in any area and find customers for you anywhere.

Yes, you read it right – by joining Fantastic Services, you get guaranteed customers from day one. 

You simply have to choose your field of expertise, complete the training and start providing services under the recognisable name of Fantastic Services.

We’ll assist you in setting up your business and help you with business registration, insurance and all tools needed to start your business. Once you’re operating, we’ll provide you with full support by handling everything from marketing and SEO to customer service and even accounting. The best part is that you get access to our CRM system, where you can schedule and manage all your jobs via a specially designed, easy-to-use app.

In times of uncertainty, play safe. Join Fantastic Services. Request more info now. 

  • Last update: November 4, 2020

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