Before we begin, we’d like to congratulate you on your choice to start your own gardening business. By now, you know you are in a market with high-profit potential and services with high demand, and you are not afraid of some rain every now and then.

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Table of Contents:

Meet Fantastic Gardeners – a Brief Introduction to the Brand

Fantastic Gardeners is part of Fantastic Services. It was founded in 2010 and has quickly evolved into one of London’s finest companies providing gardening services for both domestic and commercial clients. Over the past decade, Fantastic Gardeners proved to be a trustworthy provider of both affordable and high-quality garden maintenance and landscaping services.

The company operates not only in London but also in many locations across the UK, including Hertfordshire, Essex, Bristol, Kent, Manchester, Surrey, Liverpool, Sussex, Birmingham, Berkshire, West Midlands, Oxfordshire, Wolverhampton, Buckinghamshire, Worcestershire and continues to expand through its Area Development franchise.

Fantastic Services’ ultimate mission has always been to not only meet our clients’ needs but to create memorable experiences for customers through dedication and outstanding results.

How are we able to bring such a positive outcome?

We use the latest gardening tools, equipment, and techniques. Also, we always ask our customers for feedback, which helps improve all aspects of gardening and the other domestic services we offer.

Why join our Family as a gardening franchise partner?

1. Easy & Affordable Start

We offer types of starter packages for your gardening business. Upon contacting one of our franchise recruitment professionals they will be able to advise you on the best options available which would be suitable in accordance with your needs. In other words, you will benefit from a custom-tailored offer after your initial conversation.

All starter packages include the basics you need to start your own business:

  • Client base and a continued flow of work
  • Sales, customer service and operations support
  • Marketing support (online marketing campaigns, promotions, advertisement, etc.)
  • Quality control
  • Work schedule management system
  • Service quality training
  • Marketing materials (business cards, seasonal flyers, brand magnets, etc.)

Please note we can even assist you with various leasing options for vehicles and/or equipment if needed. You will be supported throughout the process ensuring an efficient transition onto our schedule once you’ve attended our initial training, where you will become familiar with the Fantastic Services Quality Standards.

See what our gardening starter packages include.

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2. Ongoing Support

After the initial training, we offer guidance, consultancy, and support to help your business flourish. Backing you up are teams of professionals who handle:

  • Marketing – experts in both on- and offline advertising, who follow and apply the latest business trends to ensure your success;
  • Service Development – dedicated professionals who adhere to industry tendencies in the UK so we can provide the most convenient services for our customers;
  • Accounting & Finance – teams that provide assistance and advice in tracking earnings and cost management;
  • Customer Service – operating to assist and take care of clients on your behalf;
  • Procurement Team – handling branding and supplies, making sure you’re always properly equipped for the job.

3. Growth Opportunities

Once you’ve established yourself as a successful garden business owner, whether you perform services yourself or manage your own team, you will be given the option to consider expanding your business to other areas and hire more gardening teams.

As Fantastic Services is not limited to gardening services only, neither are you. We have other franchise opportunities available for the following services, in case you’d like to extend your service portfolio:

4. Flexibility of Work

What this means is that you pick the areas you’d like to practice your gardening skills in. Your working hours and jobs per day will depend on your personal schedule preferences. Find your perfect work/life balance that matches your individual and business needs.

No matter what your schedule is, we will strive to provide you with gardening appointments. Typically, an experienced gardening team can complete from 4 to 5 jobs per day, and the average cost of a gardening service exceeds £100.

5. Easy to Use Integrated Systems

You can easily manage your business online, whether it is on your computer or smartphone at any time.

Our BFantastic app sends you current information about jobs in your schedule directly to your mobile device. The software is designed to simplify your daily work and connect you faster with Customer Service and/or the client via predefined text messages, take and send photos of the property and record the time spent on each task.

A convenient custom made CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system helps manage your jobs and keep your pulse on all bookings: track your earnings, team performance, and services performed.


What You Need to Start

  • Gardening experience – you need to know how to perform basic or advanced gardening jobs, and how to work with the tools needed to accomplish them. Any relevant specialised certification and qualification is welcome, but not mandatory;
  • Relevant tools & equipment – owning gardening tools and a vehicle is an advantage, but we can help you with leasing high-quality options to get you started;
  • Eligibility to work in the UK – as a self-employed person or a registered company;
  • Knowledge of English – at least one person in each gardening team needs to have a sufficient level of English and gardening service-specific terminology;
  • Positive attitude – good manners, courtesy and a winner attitude;
  • Public liability insurance – we can explain how you can acquire one;
  • A clean driving license – at least one person in each team needs to have a driving license;
  • A team of 2 professionals – you could either do fieldwork with a partner or focus purely on managing your own teams of gardeners as an employer.

Explore our franchise opportunities! Join our ranks of Fantastic experts in the UK, Australia, the USA and soon – worldwide.

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  • Last update: April 23, 2021

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