Joining a franchise can be a great way to become your own boss.

You get all of the advantages of setting your own hours and finding a better work-life balance. While, at the same time, you get the support you need to open and grow your new business confidently.

Plus, you will be working under the name of a brand with a great reputation – and get all of their know-how so that you are running your business in the most efficient way from day one.

But with so many options out there, which type of franchise would be best for you?

One incredibly popular type is the mobile or van-based franchise. The trend towards this type of franchise business is happening for some very important reasons:

Table of Content
Table of Contents:
  1. Advantages of van-based franchises
  2. The most popular van-based franchises
  3. Buying a mobile franchise – making the right choice for you

Advantages of van-based franchises

1) Lower start-up costs

With a van franchise, your vehicle is usually your only big initial expense other than your franchise fees. This means the cost barrier to entry is lower than almost any other business type.

2) Minimal overheads

In addition to lower initial start-up costs, with a van as your “office”, you do not need to pay for expensive physical premises. This means no rent to pay and no electricity or other utility costs either.

3) Expansion is easy

Van-based franchises are optimised for fast growth. As long as your potential clients are within an economical distance, you can potentially add them to your list of regular customers.

4) The usual advantages of being a franchisee

Of course, these specific advantages of being a mobile franchisee are on top of the more standard benefits of being a franchisee. These include:

  1. A greater ability to get a loan from your bank – lenders are much more likely to trust a new company with a big name behind them
  2. Initial training in business operations and growth
  3. Constant support guiding you on how to run your business efficiently
  4. A known brand name to operate under
  5. Some franchises – like Fantastic Services – will also handle all of your marketing on your behalf, so you don’t need to worry about finding new clients

Disadvantages of a van franchise

There are comparatively few disadvantages of operating a van franchise. But it is important to remember that:

  • Obviously, you will need to be able to drive or have someone on your team that does
  • You may need some sort of storage space outside of your vehicle
  • You will need to factor fuel costs into your finances

The most popular van-based franchises

Certain types of business naturally lend themselves to being a mobile franchise, including:

1) Plumbing franchise

Plumbers need to attend to their clients at their home address and do not usually need more equipment and supplies than can fit in the back of a standard van. This means a plumbing franchise is a natural fit as a mobile option.

2) Handyman franchise

Covering a broader range of tasks than a plumber but less specialised, a handyman franchise is a classic mobile business.

Like a plumber, the volume of tools and equipment you need as a handyman won’t usually call for additional storage space beyond the back of your vehicle.

3) Pest control franchise

Pest controllers are another highly popular mobile franchise. Being a pest controller calls for specialist training. But because of this, you may also benefit from reduced competition.

This makes a pest control franchise a sometimes overlooked but an attractive option for many new business owners.

4) Man with a van or removals franchise

What is a man with a van? In popular slang, it’s a common way to refer to a single person and vehicle house moving service.

The implication is that the service is available at a minimised cost – as opposed to a full removals service – because of the minimised facilities on offer. Just one person and one vehicle. However, these days, most people still expect a certain standard of quality from their man and van.

If you’re wondering how to start a man and van business, a removals franchise is often the best choice. Most local regions are crowded with competitors offering man and van services. What will set you apart?

For most new business owners, operating under a major brand name is essential  to ensuring they get a reliable number of removal customers. If you are part of a network like Fantastic Services, you will have a central sales team actively working to find and assign you clients every day.

After all, as in any franchise, the success of your new business is in the best interests of your franchisor as well as yourself.

Buying a mobile franchise – making the right choice for you

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  • Last update: February 24, 2022

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