Running a business is an overwhelming task in and of itself. Managing a team, budgeting, customer relations, marketing and advertising – the list goes on, and the responsibilities pile up. Having this in mind, we wanted to create a platform that will be universal and effortless to use by all of Fantastic Services’ franchisees. This is how our CRM system came to life. 

Our ServiceOS is custom-built to address the specific needs of the home maintenance franchise and is an all-in-one place to manage team and client communication. In essence, it connects all the data from the BFantastic (for our franchisees) and GoFantastic (for client use) apps with our customer care centre and allows the franchisees to track and handle each step of the process. 

ServiceOS is the virtual hub of seamless communication between customers, technicians, franchisees and the franchisor. 

The complete operation of your franchise business in one place  

The main goal of our CRM system is to simplify the logistics of service and allow franchisees to focus on actually growing and improving their business.

Here’s how the ServiceOS works:

Customers use the GoFantastic mobile app to choose a service for their home, check availability for the area and schedule an appointment— the system updates automatically and in real-time. 

On the other end, franchisees and technicians use the BFantastic app with their individual logins. The system automatically assigns jobs to the most suitable professionals according to their speciality, location and availability.   

From here, the technicians can accept or decline jobs and begin communication with the customers straight from the app, as well as get directions to the property’s location.  

All of this can be monitored by the franchisees so that they can manage their teams and make adjustments where needed. 

The system also gives access to the Fantastic Academy – our online training platform, which the franchisees can use to improve the quality of their services. Area Development and Master franchisees use the platform to not only train their Working franchisees and professionals but to also develop their business by completing the business courses and attending various webinars. 

In addition to the logistics aspects, ServiceOS helps with a lot of the administration processes. It tackles all the invoicing, as well as finances and legal issues.

The remarkable benefits of using Fantastic Sevices’ custom-built CRM system:

  • Real-time service delivery scheduling. With the automatic assigning of jobs, franchisees will never have to deal with complicated and overlapping schedules again, and customers will always have up-to-date information on the availability and location of technicians.
  • Effortless user experience for the customers. The GoFantastic app is easy to use and shows updated prices and availability to its users. Not only that, but customers have access to real-time tracking of the hired professionals and in-app communication with them. The platform even provides an option for video consultation.
  • Efficient fleet management. The automated booking and scheduling process ensures that the closest available technician is assigned to a job and also provides the shortest way to the location. This not only saves time and effort but also helps keep a green footprint and is in line with our environmental commitments.      
  • Customisable booking forms. Each franchisee can easily modify their online and offline booking forms in accordance with their specific business necessities and offers.

The Fantastic Services’ CRM system saves time and money

The bottom line is ServiceOS helps franchisees organise their teams, day-to-day workload, logistics and communication. The simplicity of the platform helps save time and effort. 

Not only that, but the system allows for detailed tracking of sales and marketing processes, the data of which can help franchisees optimise the cost of future campaigns. The CRM automation also implies a lower demand for human resources since there’s no need to hire people to oversee schedules and customer communication. Therefore, business costs get significantly lower, which allows for quicker growth. ServiceOS is designed to take away all the hassle of scheduling and administration, and let franchisees concentrate on the truly important matters of advancing their services and building exceptional teams.  

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