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Today, Fantastic Services is a leading domestic services franchise. But have you ever wondered to what we owe our tremendous success? Could it be all the technological innovation that we have brought forth to revolutionise the industry? Or is it the fact that we have created the most convenient way for our customers to take care of their homes? These aspects of our company have surely played a key part. But in order to understand the very essence of Fantastic Services, we have to tell you a story.

Let us take a ride on the way-way-back machine to a simpler time. Some ten years ago or so, our founders Rune and Anton had just started a small cleaning company in London.

One day, Anton was standing on the street next to one of their recently purchased and newly branded vehicles, going about his day. Just like in some fairytale, an elderly gentleman passed by and something caught his attention. The man approached Anton with curiosity in his eyes and asked him for a business card. The man also wanted to know if they offered cleaning services and Anton was happy to confirm. As he was about to continue his walk, the elderly man said that he would definitely book a service with Fantastic.

Anton was delighted about this lucky exchange but a little perplexed at the same time. He asked the man what exactly won him as a soon-to-be customer. To put it in the words of the older and wiser man:


“Well, you offer cleaning services and your car here is perfectly clean and shiny. That is how I know I can trust you. You must know what you are doing.”


At that moment, Anton had a profound realisation about the company he was trying to build. It was as if fate had ordained it. And honestly, what are the odds for something like this to happen?

This random encounter took place over a decade ago. And it has been instrumental in shaping Fantastic Services to this very day. At the time, Anton realised that winning a customer was more than just being available. You had to invest yourself in the tradecraft. You had to build up an image for what you represent and then refine it a thousand times. This was the inception of one of our core company philosophy – to be immaculate wherever we go and leave the best impression we could. Because in this way, we can highlight a level of dedication that is a testament to perfection.

Do we owe our success of being the #1 domestic services franchise originating from the UK to this fundamental principle? Who could say for certain?

But how could we claim to be professional cleaners if our vehicles and looks weren’t clean?

How could we claim to be Fantastic if we did not look fantastic?

That is why as leading domestic services franchise, we practice this discipline like clockwork.

In London alone, there are hundreds of Fantastic Services vehicles that roam the busy streets, submitted to the elements, under a dome of city dust and chemical emissions. Yet, we go through the motions every single day, we make the effort to look immaculate. Because every little detail matters. Because we want to communicate the things we believe in, not just through our voice but through everything about us. Because “fantastic” is not just an empty word – it is a promise to our customers, our franchisees, and to ourselves. A title that we work to earn every single day.

Of course, perfection is unachievable, but we dare to reach for it.

And that’s what makes us fantastic.

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  • Last update: November 18, 2020

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