2022 is the year when the “new normal”, as many have called our lockdown lifestyle of seclusion and fear, will thankfully go where it belongs – in the history books. The world is opening up, and despite the prolonged lockdown, and some political, economical, and international turmoils, the economy is back on track. That goes double for the home service industry, which proved to be pretty much crisis-resilient, as it barely felt the massive blow of the Pandemic. In fact, the total household spending on property maintenance and repairs during the peak of the COVID crisis, 2020, increased by 23% to roughly £4.3 billion in the UK. Some of the more optimistic forecasts predict that the industry will skyrocket, and by the end of 2026, it will increase by over 60%

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All of this makes investing in the home industry not just a good way to secure your funds from the rapid inflation caused by the rising energy prices but also a somewhat secure way to start a business of your own. The best way to go about it is to become a partner with Fantastic Services, which can provide you with a proven, profitable, and pain-free business model, over £20 million worth of technological solutions and active award-winning marketing assistance, sales support, as well as aid in customer acquisition, recruitment, IT, customer support and more. 

One additional highly beneficial perk of being a Fantastic Service provider is our insider information on the industry, which can help you make the correct investment decisions on something more than a gut feeling. 

Today we’ve prepared for you the top three most sought-after home services in London, so take your pen and paper and start jotting down your plan of action. 


Traditionally, British people are highly interested in gardening. Statistics show that over two-thirds of adults in the UK visit a garden center each year, while the combined area of domestic gardens in the country is roughly the size of Somerset. That’s not surprising, keeping in mind that more than 75% of British people have access to a private garden. The kicker here is that only around 42% of adults in the UK find pleasure in gardening themselves. What that means is that a huge amount of people are willing to pay for a professional to take care of their garden. Whether it would be landscaping, lawn care, garden maintenance, or another service, nearly half of all garden owners would prefer to hire a professional to keep their greenery up to standard. 

The landscaping industry alone has risen up to 5.1 billion pounds in the UK, with an estimated growth of 5.7% this year alone. The whole gardening service industry is booming with a constant rise of people looking for professional gardeners. 

Our research has shown that currently, in only three areas in London, the combined gardening services provided value exceeds £250,000 with nearly 4000 inquiries for the past 12 months. So if you want to join Fantastic Services and start your own gardening business, you certainly won’t be starting from scratch. 

Regular Cleaning

The situation with regular cleaning is not much different. The whole industry is working tirelessly to accommodate the rising demand. Recent research showed that 43% of homeowners in the UK spent less than an hour a week cleaning their homes. At the same time, the rates of dedicating this job to professionals are increasing, as revenues from household cleaning have risen to £1.3 billion. The forecasts are confident that revenues in the industry will continue to grow over the next five years. 

The demand for this service is also increasing at a steady pace and is expected to explode in 2022 as many will return to their workplaces and won’t have the time, energy, or resolve to take care of their homes. Furthermore, the new tech-savvy generation that’s come into economic maturity prefers to have a quick and easy way to deal with their house chores. A study has shown that the number of young people who prefer to hire a professional cleaner is almost double compared to older people, ready to pay someone else to clean their home. This is a sustainable trend as people value their free time more and more. 

Our numbers are showing that a London based cleaning operation can be highly profitable, with a combined annual turnover of several hundreds of thousands of pounds. The three most thriving areas in the capital, where Fantastic Services has an existing client base and is looking for an Area Development franchisee to take over, have combined revenue of nearly £400,000. Moreover, there have been over 13,000 inquiries for regular cleaning services in these areas in the past 12 months. All of this makes investing in a franchising business with Fantastic Services a deal of a lifetime. 

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Specialist Cleaning

Specialist cleaning is the more sophisticated and well-equipped version of regular cleaning. While regular cleaning is designed to provide routine or even be on subscription-based services, the specialist cleaning service is a more one-time event. Typically people look for a specialist cleaner after a renovation, end-of-tenancy, before moving into a new home, or on other special occasions. 

Specialist cleaning services are becoming increasingly popular with both landlords and homeowners, who find it much more convenient to pay a one-time fee for a complete cleaning than to lose a weekend or even more in dealing with the fallout of a renovation. More and more tenants also prefer to hire a professional, even though they are not required to do so by UK law. Still, they find it more beneficial to have their deposit back in full and pay a small percentage of it to the cleaning company than to deal with the landlord and go into small claims court over an end-of-tenancy cleaning. 

Our research confirms this with some staggering numbers. In the three most profitable London areas, where Fantastic Services already has an existing business but looks for an Area Developer to take on the ever-increasing demand, there are over 7,500 inquiries each year. The annual turnover from these three areas alone exceeds £300,000. The trends show that the numbers are only going to increase, so if you are interested in starting a new specialist cleaning business, now is the time to act on your ambitions. 

If you are interested in a more detailed version of our research and see the numbers by area, please send us an enquiry at info@fantasticfranchise.com 

To find out more about Fantastic Services’ outstanding opportunities for becoming your own boss, visit FantasticFranchise.com

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