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Carpet Cleaning Franchise

Why start a carpet and upholstery cleaning business in the UK?

The carpet cleaning market is well developed and probably one of the most competitive businesses in the cleaning industry.

During the last few decades, the market has performed reasonably well in comparison to other industries. Investing in a carpet cleaning franchise can be a very profitable opportunity due to the approximately 6 million businesses and 27 million households in the UK that need carpet maintenance and the fact that most people don’t have carpet cleaning equipment.

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Carpet and upholstery cleaning franchise package prices

Here are our carpet cleaning businesses for sale!

Standard Package

  • Guaranteed clients
  • Sales, customer service and operations support
  • Marketing support
    /online marketing campaigns, promotions, advertisement, etc./
  • Quality control
  • Work schedule management system
  • Service quality training
  • Option to resale the franchise if you decide to retire from the business
  • Trainers course - allowing to train future pros
  • Trainers course - allowing to train future pros
  • Option for financial funding/renting
  • Option to resale the franchise if you decide to retire from the business
  • Trainers course - allowing to train future pros

Premium Package

Get everything included in our Standard Package plus a trainers course - allowing you to train future pros.

How much does a carpet cleaning business make per year?

We’d love to go more in-depth about this with you once we get talking. But just to give you a little glimpse into what our carpet cleaning franchisees are turning per year, depending on how hard you work, you can turn between £50,000 and £70,000 per year. And you can start with our carpet cleaning business opportunity with as little as just a 50% deposit of the fee, followed by instalments.

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Your carpet cleaning business, our ongoing support

Starting an independent carpet cleaning business can be risky. It takes time to become an expert in the field and beat the competition. Choosingf carpet cleaning franchise in the UK gives you the perks we didn’t have ten years ago.

  • Reliable flow of customers - you just focus on your work while we make sure that you have customers with carpets that need cleaning.
  • Choose your location - we optimise your schedule to reduce your travelling time and costs, so you can focus on local clients
  • Manage everything online - by using our app, you can manage your jobs wherever you are.
  • Flexible terms of work - we know everyone is unique, that’s why you decide how much work you’re going to handle.
  • We support you no matter what - our marketing, accounting, financing, and business development teams will provide you with continuous support.

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How is the carpet and upholstery service performed?

Carpet cleaning

Once you get into business, you will be providing professional carpet and upholstery cleaning to both domestic and commercial clients. But what does the service involve? You’ll offer two of the most effective carpet cleaning methods – hot water extraction and dry carpet cleaning.

The first process involves pretreating the carpet by injecting water and detergents into its fibres and then extracting the moisture back along with the soil, using a special power vacuum machine. The dry cleaning method incorporates the use of a dry carpet cleaning detergent and a bonnet machine.

Upholstery cleaning

Using specialist equipment and proven cleaning techniques, you will work our fantastic magic to remove any nasties from upholstery and make the furniture look as new again.

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What services can you provide when you join our carpet cleaning franchise?

Once you start your carpet cleaning business with Fantastic Cleaners you will be able to provide the following services:

  • Rug Cleaning
  • Curtain Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Hot Water Extraction Cleaning
  • Commercial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
  • Stain Protection*
  • Dry Cleaning*

*additional set of professional equipment will be required.

Vacuum Cleaner

What you’ll need to start a carpet cleaning business

  • Documents and insurance
    Before starting your carpet cleaning franchise, you’ll need to set up your business. This includes registering as a limited company and to get public liability insurance (we can help you with these). Also, note that at least one person from the team should have a driving licence.
  • Equipment
    Unsurprisingly, you’ll need a good carpet cleaning machine. We can assist you with buying or renting the best model. Different extensions and parts for the machine, as well as an air mover, a sprayer, some detergents and personal protective equipment, are a must.
  • Uniforms
    As a carpet cleaning franchisee, you’ll be wearing a branded uniform. Why? Two reasons - first, we want you to be trusted by and recognisable to our existing and potential customers; second, we want you to feel comfortable and protected in your clothes.
  • Vehicle
    You’ll need to travel between jobs, so a vehicle is a must. We can assist you in finding one for you to buy or rent. However, if you have your own car, that’s even better but it has to be an MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) or in other words - something similar to Opel Zafira. We just need to put some stickers on it, and you’ll be ready to work.

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