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Why consider running an electrical franchise business in the first place?

With a market size of £25 billion, the electrical services industry sector in the UK offers great opportunities for starting or expanding a business in this niche. The demand for new innovative electrical services along with traditional ones has never been greater, as more and more households turn to smart device installation solutions for their homes. Also, the prediction by CEOs of ECA and NICEIC for the forthcoming years is that the demand for new electrical skills will exceed the supply, so you can easily fill the gap in the market by upgrading your qualifications and at the same time, minimise business risks by joining our popular Fantastic Handyman brand.

Are you up for it? Then, let’s get to the point and see how you can invest in an electrical services franchise, which is developed with the fast return of your investment in mind. We’ve got the know-how and experience to get you off to a flying start without the woes, associated with running a business independently.

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Electrical franchise package prices

Here is what our franchise packages include. Now, it’s time to choose the right one for you.

Standard Package

  • Guaranteed clients
  • Sales, customer service and operations support
  • Marketing support
    /online marketing campaigns, promotions, advertisement, etc./
  • Quality control
  • Work schedule management system
  • Service quality training*
  • Option to resale the franchise if you decide to retire from the business
  • Trainers course - allowing to train future pros
  • Trainers course - allowing to train future pros
  • Option for financial funding/renting****
  • Option to resale the franchise if you decide to retire from the business
  • Trainers course - allowing to train future pros

Premium Package

Get everything included in our Standard Package plus a trainers course - allowing you to train future pros.

Here’s what you can make as an electrical services business owner:

We’d love to go more in-depth about this with you once we get talking. But just to give you a little glimpse into what our carpet cleaning franchisees are turning per year, depending on how hard you work, you can turn between £50,000 and £7,000 per year. And you can start with as little as just a 50% deposit of the fee, followed by installments.

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Fantastic Handyman Professional Doing Electrical Work

What an electrical franchise business partnership with us will give you?

We’ll help you establish your electrical business by giving you access to everything we’ve achieved in the last decade. From innovative business management tools to training programmes and help with acquiring the right certifications, you’ll quickly learn what it is like to be part of our family and a well-known brand.

  • Induction and follow-up training - Our Fantastic Academy online platform will help you with your and your team members’ seamless onboarding.
  • Guaranteed customer base - It’s our job to provide you with local customers, so you can focus on performing quality services and growing your business.
  • Online business tools - We’ve created a mobile app and a unique XRM system, which automate your work processes and help you run your business more cost-effectively.
  • Consultations and support - Our customer service, sales, IT, marketing, franchise consultant and accounting teams will support you throughout your journey to success.
  • A sense of belonging - There’s nothing more reassuring than knowing that your business is recognised from day one and supported by a reputable and popular brand.

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What electrical services can you offer?

Depending on your qualifications, skills and certifications, you can provide various electrical repair, installation and diagnostic services. The list is long and it will be up to you to choose what you want to offer your local clients, based on your experience, tools and training. Don’t forget that you or your team members can gradually acquire additional certification, join qualification courses, etc., in order to expand your portfolio and include any of the following services.

Grow your electrical services business easily with us

As we’ve already mentioned, you can gradually expand your electrical business by adding more and more services in the future. You can also develop your operations and increase the volume of work and the number of your customers by building more teams that can serve clients in nearby locations, as well. Our franchise business model is flexible and offers each of our franchisees the opportunity to grow at a pace that makes them feel secure and meets their business needs.

Did you know that we offer other related services and franchise investment options like plumbing and handyman services? Explore our website for more information.

Fantastic Handyman Professional Doing Electrical Work

What services can you provide when you join our electrical franchise?

  • Electrical repairs and installations
  • Appliance installation and repairs
  • Fuse boxes and consumer units replacement
  • Electrical faults diagnostics
  • Lighting installations
  • Partial and complete rewiring
  • TV/audio repairs and installations
  • Smart device installation
  • Energy performance certificates

*additional set of professional equipment will be required.

Fantastic Handyman Professional Doing Electrical Work

What you need to start your electrical services business?

  • Documents and insurance
    You will need to hold the right qualifications and certification, in order to be able to complete electrical jobs that are affected by Part P of the Building Regulations and issue the Part P certificate. This means that you’ll need to show that you’ve been qualified with NICEIC and hold City and Guilds 17th and 18th edition, 2394/2395 Inspection and Testing qualifications or the new version that has replaced the latter (2391-52). You’ll also need to register a limited company and acquire Public Liability Insurance.
  • Equipment
    As you know, qualified electricians work with various insulated tools and standard electrician’s tool sets, multimeters, wire bending systems and so on. If you need to upgrade or expand your selection of tools and equipment, we may be able to advise you on the best suppliers and brands.
  • Uniforms
    You and your teams will need to wear branded uniforms while performing electrical services for domestic or commercial customers. We’ll advise you on how to obtain all the pieces of our approved set of branded clothing, which is designed to be comfortable to wear in all weather conditions.
  • Vehicle
    To drive between jobs and operate your electrical business, you’ll have to own a vehicle, which will be branded by us. A Smart van or similar is a good choice. If you don’t have a good-sized van, we can help you with information on how to rent one or buy it on lease.

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We launched Fantastic Handyman in 2011, as a response to the growing demand in the UK for professional and qualified property improvement and maintenance services. For the past nine years, we’ve partnered with numerous skilled, experienced and certified tradesmen. You can join our network of motivated handyman franchisees and grow a profitable tradesman business without the worry of finding clients or marketing yourself.