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Specifically created for the green-fingered entrepreneurs, our gardening franchise is engineered for growth from day one.

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Why joining the gardening services market in the UK as a business owner is a wise movе?

Did you know that UK households, businesses and public-sector entities spend about £3bn a year on gardening services? And the trend is that the annual growth rate (2,7% for the last 5 years) will stay positive in the foreseeable future. This means that entering the market now by starting a gardening business is a smart decision that can bring you security and profitability.

Of course, launching a small independent business always presents challenges. So, this is where we come in with our affordable gardening franchise offer. Interested? See what you get by joining our sub-brand Fantastic Gardeners!

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How we help you establish, run and grow your gardening franchise business

In the past decade, we were exploring all different aspects of the gardening industry, so we can make sure you will be able to run a successful gardening business and bring tangible results. We're ready to share this know-how with you.

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We support you from the start.

From various online training courses (provided at our unique Fantastic Academy) to individual consultations, you will immediately feel that this is no lonely journey. Our marketing, IT, finance, sales and customer service teams will make sure that you enjoy a full job schedule and queues of clients, you would focus on serving your best. You’ll learn how to manage your business cost-effectively by using our XRM system and BFantastic app, as well as master your sales and customer service skills.

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You get recognition and trust from day one.

Well, considering that Fantastic Gardeners has been running successfully for 10 years in the UK, you will get instantly all the benefits of being popular and respected under our brand. You’ll see for yourself when you get to your first job in a branded van how your client feels at ease, ready to share their gardening needs with you.

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We offer flexibility to suit your business targets.

You’ll be able to choose your availability and working hours to get that dream work-life balance. You can start small by offering just a few gardening services, based on your experience and qualifications. And then, you can gradually add more services and grow your teams by investing in additional equipment and certification, if needs be.

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Gardening franchise opportunities

Our three-tier system is specifically made to suit each and every franchisee.

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Working franchise

Open and run one, or more, franchise units, while still operating on-location.

  • Low-risk opportunity to start a business
  • Full operational training
  • Integrated computer system
  • Easy schedule management from our bFantastic app
  • Marketing and sales support with no added cost
  • Business development support from experienced professionals
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Area development franchise

Acquire the exclusive rights to subfranchise and develop Fantastic Services in your city or county.

  • Business support and individual coaching
  • Operational processes and systems set in place
  • Right to subfranchise “Working Franchise” in your area
  • Support in crafting business and marketing plans
  • High level of independence how you grow your business
  • Recruiting and managing a staff of employees and franchisees
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Master franchise

The exclusive rights to develop, subfranchise and run Fantastic Services in a country like Germany, or the United States.

  • Full ownership of franchise rights for a country
  • Right to sell “Area” and “Working” franchises
  • Professional business coaching and technical support
  • One on one sessions with the headquarters to help you developed the brand in your country
  • Full backend system access allowing you to run your business smoothly from day one
  • Assistance in marketing and sales

What types of services you can provide as a gardening franchisee

We’ve made sure all of our gardening franchisees can operate their business to fit best their experience and qualifications. You can specialise in various gardening and outdoor maintenance services, depending on the equipment you’ve got and whether you’ve gained the right certification, where necessary.

Note that each job is performed more often than not by a team of two specialists for maximum efficiency.

  • Garden maintenance

    Our garden maintenance services are delivered at hourly rates and involve performing tasks, such as lawn mowing, lawn care, hedge trimming, planting, pruning shrubs and trees, which are under 12ft high, weeding, watering and more. It will also be your responsibility to remove any work-generated green waste (up to 180l) for free.

  • Landscaping services

    Qualified and experienced landscapers get to transform and improve our customers’ gardens. The service usually involves a viewing and discussion with the client, first. You’ll need to take measurements, estimate project costs, often, deliver the materials for your client and so on. You may be asked to lay new turf, install a patio or decking, create and plant new flower beds, build garden features and structures, hardscape garden areas and so on. Note that you may also need to perform garden clearance tasks. Check out our landscaping franchise page for more information.

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  • Tree surgery

    To perform our tree surgery services, you need to have the right certificates and qualifications. This is a highly specialised service that involves pruning, shaping or removing trees that are between 12 and 65ft high. With the right equipment, you may also offer stump removing and/or grinding services, as well. All arborists need to be aware if a said tree falls under the Tree Preservation Order before proceeding with the job.

  • Outdoor maintenance services

    As a gardening franchise owner, you can also specialise in various outdoor maintenance services, such as jet washing, gutter cleaning, fence repairs and installation, etc. By investing in the right equipment, you can grow your business by adding these additional services and increase the number of your teams that you manage.

Fantastic Gardeners Professionals Fantastic Gardeners Professional

We’d love to hear from you if you are:

An already established gardening business
Maybe, you’re struggling with growing your current business, or a bigger brand has taken away some of your clients. Joining Fantastic Gardeners is a great way to automate processes in your business and battle bigger brands with our support. We’ll help you cut on operational costs and provide you with guaranteed customers.

A self-employed gardener or gardening enthusiast
We know that gardening isn’t just a job. You need to have green fingers, after all. And maybe, it’s not just a hobby for you but rather a lifestyle . It’s your way of making the world more beautiful, a backyard at a time. Or is gardening your favourite pastime and you’re looking for a way to make your hobby also your business? Then, joining us is the perfect way to focus on doing what you love while making money in the process without the worry of finding clients for yourself. As long as you’re dedicated, motivated and ready to learn, running a gardening franchise with us couldn’t be easier!

An investor, looking for lucrative business opportunities
We’ve grown this much in the last ten years because we’ve done business with the right people. Are you one of them? Well, you don’t need to have experience in gardening, in order to invest in our proven business model and profit from the constant demand for professional gardening solutions in a specific area in or outside the UK. Sounds interesting? Explore our Area Development and Master Franchise business offers, designed for folks who think BIG and are not afraid of reaching higher goals!

Are you the one we’re looking for?

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Here’s what you‘ll need to start your gardening business with us:

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    Documentation - You’ll have to be eligible to work in the United Kingdom and pass a DBS check.

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    Certification - We can assist you with getting a Waste Certificate, which you’ll need to dispose of any green waste. Also, depending on what services you provide, you may need other types of certification documents to perform landscaping jobs, tree surgery, etc.

  • Shield Graphic

    Insurance -You need public liability insurance. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, we can assist you with this.

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    Registered business - You need to register as a limited company, in order to legally run a Fantastic Services gardening franchise.

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    Soft skills -Being able to communicate with the customers is key to success, that’s why you need to speak English well, so day-to-day communication happens smoothly.

  • Wheels Graphic

    Good with technology - We’re a tech-backed franchise. You’ll have to use a smartphone daily to check your schedule and keep track of your jobs.

  • Van Graphic

    Driving licence - At least one member of the team should have a driving licence.

  • Box of Tools Graphic

    Equipment - You’ll need various gardening tools, equipment and a vehicle like a Renault Master van (alternatively, we can help with vehicle and equipment rental or lease, if needed).

More than 500 success stories...

We know what’s needed to build a thriving domestic services business. Check out what our partners are saying.
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About Fantastic Gardeners

You’ll be working under Fantastic Gardeners, which has been operating successfully for 10 years in the UK, as a sub-brand of Fantastic Services. Our rapid niche expansion was backed by the expertise and motivation of many gardeners and landscapers across the UK. You can join them and become part of our close-knit family, help local clients live a chore-free life and profit while being your own boss.