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A known international brand? Extensive support across all processes? The expertise you need to grow your business? Learn more about our franchises in Malta.
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Enter a market that's ideally positioned to be dominated by a home services company that has the right support and proven processes.

Franchising in Malta is a great choice because of the relatively low level of competition and tiny market share of individual existing operators.

You'll be the boss of your own business, but with the same level of support and expertise, we provide for all of our franchises in Europe and around the world. The more than 530 entrepreneurs who are already part of the Fantastic Services network know they are on course to grow their businesses. Because they get the training and support they need to make it happen from a franchisor who's been there and done that before.

Choose from 100+ different home services franchises

Open your own Fantastic Services franchise in Malta, and you will be in the ideal market for the kind of home services you will offer. Receive extensive training in how to operate and grow your own business, guided by a central team of over 500 professionals.

Malta might be a small island. But it's one with a cleaning industry that doesn't have much in the way of trusted names or major operators. Those are two things you will be able to change as the boss of your own cleaning business under the Fantastic Services brand.

With all of our franchise opportunities, you'll be delivering services that deliver a reliable, proven standard of quality following processes that we've developed over the past decade and more serving markets around the world. You'll have access to technology we've invested more than £20 million in, including our GoFantastic booking app that lets clients book you in seconds.

You can choose from over 100 different types of home services – most of which there is a high demand for a quality local option for in Malta. Some of the most popular options you might choose to offer to include:

Fantastic Cleaners Professional

Domestic cleaning franchise

A home cleaning franchise is perhaps the most popular service the entrepreneurs on our network choose to deliver. We work hard to source 50 000 customers every month for our franchisees.

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Fantastic Handyman Professional

Handyman franchise

Deliver home maintenance services and enter another part of Malta's economy where there only tends to be individual operators without much in the way of professionalisation. Offer something different, as the franchise of a reliable international brand with modern booking processes and proven service quality.

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Fantastic Service Electrician Franchise

Electrical franchise

Bring your qualified skills as an electrician to a market that's crying out for this kind of certified expertise. Trade skills like this are some of the best franchises to offer in Malta's economy if you want to set yourself apart from the competition.

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Commercial cleaning franchise

Specialise in cleaning commercial, public, and government institutions and deliver a quality of service and customer support that will see you a step ahead of other local providers.

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Gardening franchise

Become the natural local choice by offering garden maintenance and landscaping services that can be booked online or by an app in seconds and quality that is always assured.

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Buy a franchise that grows with your ambition

How do you see yourself and your business working in the future?

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Working Franchise

Do you want to be free to focus on actually delivering your services to your customers? Safe in the knowledge that you have a whole team of 500+ professionals supporting you with award-winning online marketing and customer service? If so, you'll probably be interested in one of our Working Franchises. They're our most popular choice, giving you the option of more than a hundred different home services to choose to deliver.

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Area Development & Master Franchise

Or do you think your skills are suited to spreading the Fantastic Services brand to all of your local area – or even the whole of Malta? If that sounds more like you, you may be looking for one of our Area Development Franchises or even our Master Franchise for Malta. There's a lot more responsibility here. But there's also a massive potential for profit from the entire region you choose.

Selecting the right franchise for sale is a case of matching your skills against your goals. Get in touch with us to find out more and tell us what shape you see your business taking.

Find out more about all our franchise opportunities in Europe

What would make us the ideal business partners for each other? What makes us one of the best franchises in Europe for someone with your skills and experience? What kind of support would you get every day if you were a Fantastic Services franchisee?

Talk with us today and tell us what you need to know. Each of the five hundred and thirty other entrepreneurs who have joined the Fantastic Services network on three different continents has gone through the same process of discussion and getting to know each other to ensure we're going to be each other's perfect business partners moving forward.

Let us know about your dedication and the skills and experience you're committing. In return, ask us anything about how franchising works, the training you'll receive, or the way we like to operate.

Contact us today online or by phone and arrange a commitment-free discussion with a friendly member of our advisory team. Let's get talking about your business's future.

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