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We’ll make sure to get you off to a flying start with your pest control business by sharing with you the ins and outs of becoming successful.

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What makes investing in a pest control franchise business profitable for you

Well, figures don’t lie. The pest control industry market is expected to grow globally at a CAGR of about 11% over the next 5 years. In the UK, it has seen growth at a rate of 3.1% per year between 2015 and 2020. And what about this? The pest control industry’s market size has increased more rapidly than the UK economy overall!


On a general note, insects, rodents and birds have been pestering humans since our existence. In that sense, pest control does not get affected so much by economic factors, such as slowdowns, stagnation or an outright recession. One’s got bugs at home. They must go. A client’s got rats in their restaurant. They call Fantastic Pest Control. And more specifically, in this modern age, food-related waste production is on the increase, which amplifies the risk of pests. This opens up the demand for pest control services and thus, it expands the opportunity for industry growth.

So, starting a profitable pest control business with us can easily get you a share of the pie.

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What do you get when you become a Fantastic pest control franchisee?

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You will become part of a brand that is well-known in the UK

Fantastic Pest Control has been going for 7 years as part of Fantastic Services. An exciting time, when we spread the word across the UK about our high-standard pest management services for domestic and business clients alike. You’ll be instantly recognised from day one without the struggle and efforts of promoting your business, with all the associated advertising hassle if you were operating your enterprise on your own.

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We support you from the very start

We’ve developed a technologically-driven and people-oriented business model. Our online learning platform - the Fantastic Academy, is a hub, where you’ll access training courses and get familiar with every aspect of our service execution processes and standards. You’ll learn how to manage your pest control business more cost-effectively with our XRM system and mobile app. We’ll help you with certification, licensing, insurance, vehicle acquisition, branding and funding if needs be. You will receive marketing, sales and customer service support, as well as guidance on how to pass this knowledge to your teams.

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No risk involved in getting those profits going

The fast return on your investment is secured exclusively by you being part of our Fantastic family. How? You’ll be given the option to pay your franchise investment fee in instalments after the initial deposit. We’ll ensure that your job schedule is full, based on your location, availability, skills and business targets by processing job leads for you and handling all customer service related matters. Last but not least, you’ll master your upselling and cross-selling skills and enjoy, first hand, what it is to be part of the same network of experts, who strive for the same as you and are happy to work alongside you to achieve growth and success.

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Our pest control franchise packages

Here are our different franchise investment options to choose from.

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Working franchise

Open and run one, or more, franchise units, while still operating on-location.

  • Low-risk opportunity to start a business
  • Full operational training
  • Integrated computer system
  • Easy schedule management from our bFantastic app
  • Marketing and sales support with no added cost
  • Business development support from experienced professionals
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Area development franchise

Acquire the exclusive rights to subfranchise and develop Fantastic Services in your city or county.

  • Business support and individual coaching
  • Operational processes and systems set in place
  • Right to subfranchise “Working Franchise” in your area
  • Support in crafting business and marketing plans
  • High level of independence how you grow your business
  • Recruiting and managing a staff of employees and franchisees
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Master franchise

The exclusive rights to develop, subfranchise and run Fantastic Services in a country like Germany, or the United States.

  • Full ownership of franchise rights for a country
  • Right to sell “Area” and “Working” franchises
  • Professional business coaching and technical support
  • One on one sessions with the headquarters to help you developed the brand in your country
  • Full backend system access allowing you to run your business smoothly from day one
  • Assistance in marketing and sales

What pest control services you can specialise in

With us, you can specialise in one or a number of pest control solutions and gradually build your service portfolio by improving your skills and acquiring additional certification if necessary. Note that our clients may prefer to take advantage of our pest management services in a discreet manner. This means that it’s not always a good idea to turn up in a branded vehicle to complete the job.

  • Rodent control

    The rodent control service entails the removal of rats, mice and squirrels from residential and commercial properties, as well as from public service facilities. To provide the service, you need certification, insurance, equipment and expertise.

  • Insect control

    We offer various flying and crawling insect control services, including termite, cockroach, wasp, moth, bed bug management, removal and prevention solutions, to list just a few. Again, depending on your qualifications, you’ll be able to choose what to provide your clients with and with time, grow your range of pest control services if you wish.

  • Bird control

    We use humane bird-deterrent devices and methods, which effectively repel pigeons and seagulls, as these birds are generally the most common vermin, people encounter problems with. You’ll also be expected to provide the client with qualified bird prevention advice, upon request.

  • Other pest control services

    Apart from “standard” rodent, insect and bird control services, both commercial and domestic clients often book fogging and heat treatment, as well as our dead animal removal service. We should also note here that when it comes to serving business proprietors, they generally expect a comprehensive pest management plan that is backed by the expertise of pest technicians with the right certification, which is appropriate for the industry sector, the client operates in.

Fantastic Pest Control Professional Fantastic Pest Control Professional

We’d love to hear from you if you are:

Experienced pest exterminator
Tired of making ends meet as a self-employed pest control specialist because you are in constant competition with the big fish in the business? Or maybe, you’re working for one of those “big fish” and feel unmotivated on every level and stressed out? Then, contact us and see how you can become your own boss and enjoy unrestricted earning potential! You’ll also have the freedom to decide when to work - and all this, under a popular and clearly visible online brand.

Established small pest control business
Let us show you the difference between running an independent business with all the associated stress of finding new clients, worrying about admin stuff and watching hard-earned profits going down the advertising drain, and operating a Fantastic pest control franchise, where all the above is taken out of the equation!

Do you have what it takes to join us! We thought so.

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To start a pest control franchise with us, you need:

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    To have the right to work in the UK - be it as a business owner or a self-employed person

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    Pest control experience, certification and licences - we can help you acquire additional qualifications and all relevant documentation

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    Public Liability Insurance and company registration -You’ll have to register an LTD and get Public Liability Insurance. We can assist you with this

  • Wheel Graphic

    Good English - You will be communicating with your clients, after all

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    To be open to learning and enthusiastic about growing your business - or in other words, be willing to improve your sales, service delivery and customer service skills.

  • Van Graphic

    Driving licence - А clean driving licence is must

  • Box of Tools Graphic

    Vehicle, equipment and uniforms - Pest exterminators need an appropriate vehicle to transport equipment and pesticidal or pest-deterrent products, as well as be presentable and have the right safety gear

For more in-depth details, you can visit our other cleaning franchise pages:

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About Fantastic Pest Control

Fantastic Pest Control was born in 2013 and since then, it has been growing from strength to strength by successfully filling the demand for high-quality professional pest control services. When you invest in a pest control business with us, you’ll be promoting and developing the Fantastic Pest Control brand in your respective location in the UK. The company is part of our Fantastic Services’ trademark, which means that you will benefit from the same processes and standards, we’ve established for all sub-brands, when it comes to growing your franchise business and delivering pest management services to our customers.