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Join the UK’s fast-growing removals market and become a van franchise owner under a much-loved brand!

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Why invest in a van franchise in the UK?

Folks move about. Businesses expand and relocate. People need storage facilities when in-between places to live. It's as simple as that! And with total revenue of £935m last year, the removals industry market in the UK offers opportunities for steady business operations and their development.

What’s interesting is that the business customer market share in the sector is expected to grow, related to the country’s exit from the EU. This means that more and more businesses may need removals and storage services, as they optimise their operations, relocate and/or expand outside the UK and so on.

So, why not consider joining Fantastic Services and start or expand your removals business under the company’s Fantastic Removals sub-brand?

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What to expect from us as a Fantastic Removals franchise owner?

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You’ll be making more than just an honest living

We don’t put limits on how big you grow. Got the oomph to be the “all-in-one” Fantastic removals service provider in your area? We’ll embrace your business plan and help your growth so that you achieve your earning potential! How? By teaching you how to build your teams. This way, you’ll be able to cover every aspect of our customers’ relocation and removals needs. In the most stress-free way. You’ll also learn how to cross-sell and upsell additional services that make the client even more satisfied while your profits grow.

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You’ll get the Fantastic sense of belonging

10 years in business. 10 years of Fantastic Removals’ brand recognition. What is there to add? You. Let’s join forces and we’ll show you what it is like to feel popular and known from the day you get to your very first client! We’ll lift the lid a little here. You will feel trusted, respected and appreciated.

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And this won’t be a lonely journey, either

You’ll go through various training courses, learn how to use our XRM system and benefit from one-to-one consultations with a franchise expert. We’ll guide you on how to acquire everything you need to start your removals business. From the right-sized van to the relevant insurance documentation, the help’s there if you need it. And again, in terms of marketing yourself - the only thing you’ll have to do is to be great at what you do. The rest is our job.

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Оur removals franchise packages

You can choose from our investment options to meet your personal business aspirations.

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Working franchise

Open and run one, or more, franchise units, while still operating on-location.

  • Low-risk opportunity to start a business
  • Full operational training
  • Integrated computer system
  • Easy schedule management from our bFantastic app
  • Marketing and sales support with no added cost
  • Business development support from experienced professionals
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Area development franchise

Acquire the exclusive rights to subfranchise and develop Fantastic Services in your city or county.

  • Business support and individual coaching
  • Operational processes and systems set in place
  • Right to subfranchise “Working Franchise” in your area
  • Support in crafting business and marketing plans
  • High level of independence how you grow your business
  • Recruiting and managing a staff of employees and franchisees
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Master franchise

The exclusive rights to develop, subfranchise and run Fantastic Services in a country like Germany, or the United States.

  • Full ownership of franchise rights for a country
  • Right to sell “Area” and “Working” franchises
  • Professional business coaching and technical support
  • One on one sessions with the headquarters to help you developed the brand in your country
  • Full backend system access allowing you to run your business smoothly from day one
  • Assistance in marketing and sales

What removals services will you provide?

What makes Fantastic Removals so strong and sought after? Convenience and trust. Convenience, because we strive to make the client’s relocation as stress-free as possible by handling their packing, move-out/move-in cleaning, storage, transportation and delivery needs. We also save them time by including a property video survey option before the service takes place.

And trust, because we ensure that the customer’s belongings are intact and arrive safely at his/her new address.

Have a peek below at what you can do for your local clients in a time of challenge that any move usually entails.

  • Home and/or office removals

    You could start with doing man and van jobs, at first, and gradually grow and manage a team or two of 2-3 removalists, who help relocate domestic and business clients from A to B. Your job may involve loading and transporting household items, IT and office equipment, and even art and antique artefacts. It’s up to you to choose how far you want to travel, as we offer international removals solutions within the EU, too.

  • Packing and boxes delivery

    Clients often do not have the time to pack their belongings properly, so this is where you come in. As a moving franchise owner, you’ll be a hero in their eyes by providing them with a stellar, all-in-one removals experience. You’ll make sure that you deliver the right sized boxes, pack all the client’s possessions in a safe way and transport them to the customer’s new address without any damage.

  • Storage

    Our fully insured short- and long-term storage solutions are designed to make life easy for domestic and commercial customers alike. Again, convenience is at the core of this service. Often, clients choose to describe their storage needs via a video call, which saves everyone’s time and spares you and your team any guesswork or misunderstandings.

  • Furniture collection and delivery

    The great news about this service is that it’s versatile, in terms of your potential clients who might need it. Or in other words, it’s not necessarily booked as part of a removals process. Folks may want a new IKEA bedroom set purchased, delivered and even assembled by a Fantastic removals and furniture assembly expert.

Fantastic Removals Professional Fantastic Removals Professionals

We’d love to hear from you if you are:

A strong and fit individual with an impeccable driving history
Are you a trustworthy and reliable person, who loves to be on the road and willing to put his driving skills to good use? A former cabbie, maybe, or a freight company’s unhappy employee? Then, get in touch with us and we’ll help you become your own boss while running a profitable removals and storage franchise business!

Small independent removals business
Already operating an established removals business? Let’s get talking and you may well find that the advantages of being part of a popular franchise outweigh 5 times the cons! We’ll help you cut the costs of your current operations while at the same time, triple your customer base.

Someone who’s looking for new business opportunities
Thinking big, you, savvy entrepreneur? Need a new business challenge as you feel unmotivated about your current business endeavours? Or you just want to stretch your wings in a new territory? Then, explore our Area Development and Master Franchise offers and invest in a proven and profitable business model with us!

Interested in how to be a successful removals franchisee?

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What you need to start a removals & storage franchise business?

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    To be eligible to work in the UK - as a self-employed person or a registered business.

  • Form Graphic

    Company registration - You will need to register a company (we can help).

  • Shield Graphic

    The right insurance documents - Goods in Transit Insurance, Public Liability Insurance, etc. (we can assist you with acquiring those)

  • Wheel Graphic

    Communication skills - good command of English is a must.

  • Wheels Graphic

    Committed to learning and growing your business - all our partners need to exhibit great customer service skills and willingness to develop their franchise.

  • Van Graphic

    Clean driving licence - If you’ll be doing the driving yourself

  • Box of Tools Graphic

    A good-sized van and equipment - we can help you with vehicle lease/rental information, in order to acquire a Luton or Transit van, as well as with advice on all the equipment, tools and uniform clothing you’ll need.

More than 500 success stories...

We know what’s needed to build a thriving domestic services business. Check out what our partners are saying.
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About Fantastic Removals

Fantastic Removals has been part of Fantastic Services since 2010. We’ve carefully expanded our service portfolio to meet the relocation needs of ordinary people and business owners in the UK in a convenient and time-saving way. At the same time, we strive to accommodate the entrepreneurial aspirations of our existing and potential removals partners in the most supportive manner. By choosing our brand to grow as a removals & storage business owner, you’ll not only steadily increase your profits but also have the option to expand and let your teams do the hard work.