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Franchise opportunities in Russia that create millionaires

Get customers found for you every day. Have your business boosted by a £20 million investment in technology – and award-winning marketing. If you're looking into franchising in Russia, Fantastic Services has everything you need to enter your new industry with full support and training.

Good franchises to buy don't stop supporting you as soon as you invest. Fantastic Services' mission is to help all our franchisees grow. With six millionaire franchisees already created, we're looking to take the other 530+ entrepreneurs in our network to the next level too.

100+ home maintenance and home improvement franchises to choose from

Enter an industry that is worth billions of pounds every year and that is only forecast to grow over time. Russia's home services industry – particularly its demand for cleaners and gardeners – is constantly growing, experiencing steady growth from 2016 to 2019 in particular. It's expected to boom in the coming years.

There are key factors that drive the success of home services franchises under the Fantastic Services brand – factors that will set you apart from the competition in countries like Russia. These factors include professionalism, customer service quality, and a known international brand.

Many cleaning companies in Russia were struggling with supply shortages several years ago too. Today, a new Russian home services business that can call on the support of an international brand will be in the ideal position to succeed.

Choose the type of business that's right for you. From a junk removal franchise to gardening to pest control, as a Fantastic Services franchisee you can choose from more than 100 home services to offer your new clients:

Cleaning business franchise

Buy a cleaning franchise and become a part of an industry that was worth 15 billion roubles (around £150 million) to the Moscow region alone back in 2015. That's a size that's only expected to expand. It's also one that, coupled with the conditions described above, is perfect for an internationally-supported franchise to enter.

Join Fantastic Services to leverage the expertise that has already helped establish some of the best commercial cleaning franchises on three continents, carefully adapted for the Russian market.

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Gardening Franchises

Become one of the gardening businesses riding the wave of “dacha gardens” spreading across Russia. Comparable to the “market gardens” of post-WWII England, these often large fruit and vegetable gardens play a big role in the country's food production. This was estimated to be over 50% even back in 2011!

Position your new company to provide garden maintenance for production gardens such as this. Become one of our successful landscaping franchises. Or go for a combination. Offer the services that best meet demand in the specific part of Russia you want to cover.

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Electrical franchise

Service the needs of electrical installation and repair in the world's fourth-largest user of electricity. Russia has an insatiable demand for electric power. The country produces it in huge quantities – and it likes to consume it too.

This means you will be starting your electrical franchise in a market that always has huge demand. Use the strategies that have seen Fantastic Services help electrical entrepreneurs start and grow their own successful businesses around the world.

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Handyman franchise

Open your own home maintenance business and start to cater to the huge proportion of the Russian market in need of professional property repair.

Many Russians say they feel confident enough to handle the most basic repair jobs themselves. But as soon as a little expert knowledge is required, a professional gets the call. Consider one of the leading handyman franchise opportunities in Europe and then consider a country full of second-home owners and others who are in constant need of this kind of service.

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How to purchase a franchise that helps you grow

Buy a franchise with us and see how just how far you can take it. Everything about the Fantastic Services network is designed to support our franchisees and help them grow. Take advantage of a number of different sizes of franchise investment:

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Working Franchise

First, we have our Working Franchise. In this franchise, you get all the support you need to build and grow your company. We take care of the marketing with our award-winning processes. We handle customer support on your behalf. All while you focus on delivering your services of the highest possible standard.

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Area Development Franchise

Second, we have our Area Development franchise. Here, you often have your own franchise – but you're also in charge of spreading the Fantastic Services brand to your entire chosen region. It's more responsibility. But the potential for profit is that much greater.

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Master Franchise

Finally, our Master Franchises take this to the extreme. Take control of bringing Fantastic Services to your entire country and see your earnings potential climb high too

How to get franchise information and advice

Find out everything you need to know about owning a franchise business today. Contact us for more information or advice about any aspect of the way we work.

For instance, you might like to know about the level of training or support you will receive. You might like to get investment advice – or discover more about how you would operate your business day-to-day.

Whatever you need to know, reach out to us. Tell us about who you are, about your skills and experience, and what you want to achieve with your new business.

Get in touch today to arrange a commitment-free consultation with one of our friendly advisors at a convenient time.

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