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Choose from 100+ home services when you buy a franchise in Slovakia from Fantastic Services. Join a network of 530+ entrepreneurs on three continents!
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Join a proven international franchise in Slovakia

Become part of a network of over 530 entrepreneurs on three continents – six of whom have already become millionaires! Start a franchise in Slovakia using a business model that's proven itself around the world.

Get the training you need in everything from business operations to marketing. Enjoy constant support from a 500-strong central office team. Benefit from a €23 million in technology that's driving a yearly revenue of more than €44 million.

Choose a franchise in Europe that offers you your choice of 100+ different home services to deliver. Not to mention your share of 50 000 monthly customers. And award-winning online marketing processes that find you more every day.

Home improvement franchise? Home maintenance? What's right for you?

Make your choice from more than 100 different home services, from domestic cleaning to pest control to waste removal – and dozens of others. The right choice for you might depend on your own experience. Or the particular opportunities in the area you want to cover. Or even your dreams for the kind of business you want to own.

Know that no matter your choice, you get the same support that the more than five hundred and thirty other Fantastic Services franchisees have received in order to start and grow their own business. Like all the best franchises, the core of this support is a combination of extensive training for you, on-call expertise from our five hundred-strong central team of professionals – and proven processes that have seen us grow from a team of five to our current scale stretching across three continents.

What kind of home improvement or home maintenance service do you want to deliver? The opportunities we offer in Slovakia include:

Fantastic Cleaners Professional

Cleaning services franchise

Turnover: POR Net profit: POR Investment: POR

Arm yourself with the latest professional-grade tools and set yourself apart from other cleaning businesses in Romania.

Open your own cleaning franchise in Slovakia and climb aboard the wave of professionalism that is sweeping the country's home services industry.

From a region where independent operators and self-employed cleaners were once the standards to a country that has started to expect real quality and reliability from its cleaners, Slovakia has seen some big changes in a relatively short space of time.

Today, in Slovakia's cleaning industry, you need to prove that you offer high-quality services from trained professionals. That's exactly what Fantastic Services' well-known brand and processes let you deliver, with everything from window cleaning to domestic cleaning to oven cleaning franchises.

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Buy franchises of different sizes to suit your ambition

How far do your goals extend for your new business? What level of investment were you planning on making? The three different types of affordable franchise that we offer ensure you will always have an option that helps you work towards your dreams:

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Working Franchise

Choose a Working Franchise when you want to be able to focus on the business of actually delivering your services every day. Lots of your marketing will be done on your behalf. As will be your customer service. Of course, you get extensive training in the proven processes that have driven the expansion and individual growth of our low-cost franchises on three continents.

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Area Development & Master Franchise

Or why not grow to meet the scale of your ambition with an Area Development Franchise or Master Franchise? With this option, you might have your own business. But it's also a chance to bring the Fantastic brand to your whole region or even your entire country.

This is much more responsibility and calls for different skills. But it's also a chance to climb to the greatest heights of profitability when you partner with us.

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Want to learn more about what our franchise opportunities could mean for you? Need to explore how being partners with Fantastic Services would work moving forward? Or is some aspect of franchising itself something you could stand to learn more about?

Let's talk. Have a think about the skills and experience you could bring to the table. Consider the level of investment you were thinking about making. Picture what your dream business would look like – and the ambition you have to make it a reality.

Then get in touch. Chat with one of our friendly and helpful advisors about what makes us one of the top franchises in Europe. Ask us about the support and training you'll receive as a franchisee. Or the way we find you clients through our award-winning online marketing processes on a daily basis.

It's always a good time to get in touch. Arrange a chat with us today. With zero cost or commitment.

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