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We’ve got the savvy strategies on how to grow your sales

You are not alone in creating a loyal client base

It’s no brainer that your business development and growth depend on sales volume. And as a Master Franchisee or Area Developer, this means gaining revenue from selling sub-franchise units on one hand and generating commission-based income from each job your teams of franchisees complete, on the other.

You may start from scratch by setting foot in an area that’s new for our brand, where you need to recruit your local franchise teams, first. Or you may decide to invest in an already developed location and grow your business by leading existing sub-franchisees. Either way, we’ll work side by side with you and help you sell more, the smart way.

So, how do we support you in becoming a profitable business owner?

Our 24/7 call centre, at your service

Manned by insightful sales agents and customer care specialists, who know what your clients need, often, before they know it. What’s that? Well, in a way, the Fantastic Services brand doesn’t just provide services. We are also “free time” merchants. And in that sense, our up-selling and cross-selling techniques are also designed to create more free time for busy folks. And more profits for you. Corporate and business clients also fall into this category, of course, so you can count on our sales teams to take good care of them, too.

Online booking that can up-sell in less than a minute

The smart way to attract new and retain your existing customers is to offer more for less in a hassle-free way. So, by using the online booking form on our websites or through our GoFantastic mobile application - your clients can easily add extras to their initial property maintenance service of interest in just a few taps. In addition, you’ll get access to all the sales training resources, in order to teach your franchisees how to upsell on-site, as well.

Ongoing special deals

Your clients will be encouraged to book more than one service to meet a specific aspect of their property needs, with the added value of saving time, effort, and money. A sales increase is therefore steadily achieved through cross-selling similar solutions, various service bundle offers, all-in-one packages, and special seasonal deals. Let’s see an example of this. Who wouldn’t like to book one service provider, when relocating, and have everything taken care of there and then? From removals and storage to end of tenancy cleaning - all done and paid for as a convenient package.

The Fantastic Club

No, this is not some elitist membership programme. Anyone can join. The Fantastic Club offers unmissable incentives to its members, which prove beneficial to them and profitable to you. More and more of our clients are members of the club. And over 25% of all bookings are generated by these loyal folks. Their retention rate naturally is also high, nearly twice as high when compared to the rest of our clients. So, promoting the Fantastic Club, as our franchise partner, is a sure way of securing a steady and growing monthly sales revenue. After all, your Fantastic Club clients will not only enjoy a few familiar services regularly but also quickly become aware of our entire range of over 25 property maintenance solutions, which they’ll be more inclined to book.

Training and support on selling quality

Your sales responsibilities and corporate development training is a valuable part of your overall training, support, and onboarding with Fantastic Services. And our franchise consultants will be by your side every step of the way.

No one wants to pay for shoddy service, so quality is what will make you sell more, after all.

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