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Be the boss of your own business - and know you're positioning yourself just right to enter a market like Switzerland. Franchises for 100+ home services!
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Switzerland franchises that meet the demands of the market

Meet Swiss consumers where they live by offering home services that can be booked online or via app quickly and easily online. It's something that all Switzerland franchises need to consider. Because this is a country where tech-first solutions and quality really matter.

It's a market where there's a great deal of competition for workers too. Combined, these are just two of the reasons why the 530+ entrepreneurs who have already opened their own businesses under the Fantastic Services brand have succeeded in diverse markets on three continents.

Find out more today about the franchise investment levels you can choose from and how you can create your dream business with the support of a 500-strong central team of professionals.

Select from a broad range of home services franchises

Deliver the kind of quality that consumers in Switzerland expect, with proven processes and extensive training that ensure the services you provide are always of the highest possible standard.

Quality and reliability are key to the proven way Fantastic Services has grown from a team of five to a globe-spanning franchise with annual revenue of more than £40 million. Clients know they can count on the services you deliver. Prompting both initial bookings and return custom as you prove that's exactly what they get.

Choose from a wide range of home services franchises – over one hundred different home maintenance and improvement options – and locate the services that overlap your existing skills and experience. Or the demand in the part of Switzerland you want to cover.

With options ranging from home cleaning to removals to plumbing to electrical services to waste management franchises, you can always find the option that's right for you and the market. Explore a range that includes some franchise types that are ideally suited to the one-of-a-kind conditions of Switzerland:

Fantastic Cleaners Professional

Cleaning franchise

Turnover: POR Net profit: POR Investment: POR

Overcome the unique challenges of the Swiss cleaning sector with a cleaning services franchise from Fantastic Services. One of the issues that many cleaning companies have in Switzerland is attracting the right staff. With Fantastic Services' 360-degree happiness philosophy though, you know you are offering a welcoming culture of respect. Not to mention a solid working agreement.

Plus, there's an increasing call from consumers for on-demand booking apps, online booking, stress-free quote requests, and more than a tech-first cleaning company should offer. That's exactly what Fantastic Services helps you provide with all of our cleaning franchises for sale.

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Fantastic Handyman Professional

Handyman franchise

Turnover: POR Net profit: POR Investment: POR

Let your home maintenance customers book you online or on-demand using an app and take advantage of the huge recent increase in Swiss demand for convenient booking of the kind Uber has bought to the ride-hailing industry.

Set yourself apart from the vast majority of the other local competition in other ways too. A Fantastic Services handyman franchise gives you the support of a known international brand to market yourself powerfully and effectively online. Plus, you'll be delivering services to the highest level of quality – just what Swiss citizens expect and demand. And what so many solo local operators can't guarantee they'll supply.

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Buy a franchise that matches your goals

The big question from most of the entrepreneurs who get in touch to ask us about the opportunities we offer is “How can I buy a franchise?” The other is “How much does a franchise cost?”

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Working Franchise

The Working Franchise is our most popular choice. It lets you concentrate on delivering your services to the highest possible standard and forging those key customer relationships. All while things like customer support and online marketing are handled for you by a team of 500+ professionals.

Franchise Structure Graphic

Area Development & Master Franchise

If you're considering taking your investment further – and you have the right skills and experience to match – you might prefer one of our Area Development Franchises or Master Franchises. You may have your own franchise here. But you are also in charge of growing the Fantastic Services brand in your region. With all of the additional responsibility – and profit potential – that brings.

How to get franchise details and more information

Contact us today to get any more information you might like about how franchising works with us. Or, if you're not familiar with the ins and outs of franchising as a whole, we're always happy to talk you through the precise details of how it works, roles, and responsibilities.

Over five hundred and thirty other entrepreneurs on three continents have already trusted Fantastic Services to open and grow their new businesses. Six of them have become millionaires as result.

Ask us anything you want to know about how to become a franchise owner. Talk to us about your skills and experience. Or what drives you and your ambition. Because franchising is a two-way street. We're looking for the right dedicated people to benefit from the extensive training and support we provide.

Get in touch today. Let's find out if we're going to be the right fit for each other. And whether we will be each others' ideal business partners moving forwards.

Contact us today. Let us know when is good for you and we'll get that obligation-free chat all set up.

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