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Business opportunities in Lincolnshire

Starting a business in Lincolnshire could be a great opportunity, especially when you’re supported by one of the UK’s leading franchisors. Our franchise opportunities can suit everyone’s preferences and budget and this location can provide you with the opportunity to scale your business quickly and effectively.


For the number crunchers

Current population: approximately 1,087,700
Population growth: around 8% increase for the last 10 years
Average net income per year: approximately £28,000

One-of-a-kind business opportunity in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire is ideally located for local businesses. The quality of life is high and the cost of living is low. The county benefits from a well-developed economy and fast, efficient, and easily accessed transport networks linking businesses to key markets. Start your own profitable business in Lincolnshire and grow it with us.

Fantastic Cleaners Professional

Cleaning franchise in Lincolnshire for sale

Turnover: POR Net profit: POR Investment: POR

Becoming part of Fantastic Services will give you the opportunity to provide different types of cleaning services. Our cleaning franchise package includes domestic and commercial regular and deep cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and more. You can start by delivering one or two and then progressively grow your service list.

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Fantastic Gardeners Professional Doing Landscaping

Gardening & Landscaping business in Lincolnshire

Turnover: POR Net profit: POR Investment: POR

Join Fantastic Services and be part of a franchise that thrives! Our gardening and landscaping package will provide you with the opportunity to deliver gardening, landscaping or/and tree-surgery services. we’ll help you choose the best package that suits your preferences, resources and goals and we’ll be right behind you along the way.

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Fantastic Handyman Professional

Tradesmen franchise in Lincolnshire

Turnover: POR Net profit: POR Investment: POR

Being part of the Fantastic handyman franchise will allow you to deliver various tradesmen services, such as handyman, electrical, plumbing, and locksmith. Doing repairs and installations will be your main tasks during the workday. Do your job, while being supported by one of the biggest property maintenance companies in the UK.

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Fantastic Pest Control Professional

Pest Control business for sale in Lincolnshire

Turnover: POR Net profit: POR Investment: POR

Bring the most effective pest control extermination business to Lincolnshire! We’ll provide you with the needed know-how and expertise. All your teams will need to do is handle different types of rodents and pests in the best way possible.

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Fantastic Removals Professional

Removals franchise in Lincolnshire

Turnover: POR Net profit: POR Investment: POR

Start a Man and a Van business in Lincolnshire and help thousands of people move their homes and offices. This profitable business doesn’t require much expertise, however, we’ll give you some tips and tricks in order to become a successful business owner.

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Why Lincolnshire is an ideal location for starting a business in

We did our research and analysed the market in Lincolnshire. What the results discovered is that Lincolnshire is a very prosperous place to live, work and invest. By supporting you along your business journey, you’ll be able to conquer the home services market in the region. We outlined a couple of numbers in order to prove so.

Quality of life

Lincolnshire has a good quality of life, compared to Englands’ average quality of life index*. It has fairly good overall employment rates, with 75% of people living in Lincolnshire having a job.

*Quality of Life Index (higher is better) is an estimation of overall quality of life by using an empirical formula.

Population growth

All of Lincolnshire's local authorities revealed an increase in population over the last decade. The population was growing around 13.8% over the last two decades, which is faster than the population in England and Wales that grew by 12.4%.

Social grade and occupation

Social grade is a classification based on the occupation that classifies the members of a household according to the job of the main income earner.

Social Grade Lincolnshire
  • AB - Higher and intermediate managerial, administrative, professional occupations
  • C1 - Supervisory, clerical and junior managerial, administrative, professional occupations
  • C2 - Skilled manual occupations
  • DE - Semi- and unskilled manual occupations, unemployed and lowest grade occupations

Property ownership vs rental

It’s important to mention the percentages of homeownership and rented properties. As you can see, Lincolnshire has a lower rate of homeownership which means that the economical development of the city is high and makes it an excellent location to start a business.

Ownership Type
  • Owned - What percentage of the properties in Lincolnshire are owned
  • Mortgage - What percentage of the properties in Lincolnshire are mortgaged
  • Rented - What percentage of the properties in Lincolnshire are rented
  • Other - The percentage of properties in Lincolnshire that are social rented, rent-free, shared, etc.

If you are interested in starting a property-maintenance business in Lincolnshire. Do not hesitate to contact us and learn more.

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