Your journey of becoming an area owner is easy as 1,2,3

Okay, there are seven steps, but we promise you the ride is short and sweet because we're sitting right next to you.

I want to join!

Come join the ride. Become an owner of a Fantastic Services franchise!

Choose the area you'd like to be an exclusive owner of (as long as it's available) and start building your own property maintenance business. We will be there for you throughout the whole journey. Аnd believe us, it will be Fantastic! Let the journey begin:

Let's get to know each other

From 5 to 7 days
First impressions are important, and we’re really looking forward to our first meeting. We’ll tell you more about our business model, the industry we’ve been dominating for the past 12 years and our team. We’d be happy to get to know you better, as well.

Have a look at the numbers

From 7 to 10 days
Numbers speak louder than words. So, it’s time to discuss the expectations of being part of Fantastic Services. At this step of your journey, we will have a look at the financial projection of your business at each stage. But fewer words, more numbers!

Get insights from existing franchisees

Within a single day
Got questions? Our existing franchisees are the people to go to. They know exactly how you feel and what you think. No, they're not reading minds. They’ve been through this. You will have the chance to talk to them openly and discuss how they thrived and what challenges they’ve met.

Time to get your funding sorted

From 7 to 30 days
It’s time to put together a strong financial plan to support your franchise. We’ll go through all the financial options you consider for your investment. Whether it’s self-funding, bank loan or loan from a friend, we’ll sort it out together.

Review your franchise agreement

From 14 to 30 days
Take a moment (or as long as you need) to review your franchise agreement. Read everything carefully and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We're here to be your partner for the long run, so this step is crucial!

Get onboard with Fantastic Academy

From 30 to 50 days
Our onboarding gurus have gathered all you need in an online platform that will prepare you to become a leader in your area. You will learn everything from recruiting franchisees to marketing and procurement. You’ll also be assigned with a personal franchise advisor, who will coach you through the onboarding process.

Launch your franchise business!

From 40 to 60 days
This day is all about you and your dreams! Your business is ready to get out there and conquer the market in the area you own. Remember we said we'll be next to you every step of the way? Well, this won’t be the end. It will be just the beginning of our Fantastic journey together.

It's that easy. So, are you ready?

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