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A dynamic business opportunity and proven business model. The unique combination of high-end technology and high-quality services is what makes our cleaning franchise opportunity so appealing.

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Cleaning Franchise
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What makes the cleaning industry so lucrative?

By starting a cleaning franchise you’ll join a market that’s worth £6 billion in the UK. As one of the most innovative domestic services companies on the island, we’ll give you the tech and know-how to not only run a cleaning business but to grow and thrive in the market, as well.

On top of that, the cleaning industry is growing at a 0.5% annual rate, which makes it the perfect opportunity to invest. Sounds like something you’d want to put your money in? Let’s show you what we’ve got to offer you then!

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Doing your business the Fantastic way

As a Fantastic Cleaners’ franchisee, you’ll focus on providing the best domestic and office cleaning there is. Whether you’d like to provide the cleaning services yourself, or focus on networking and growing your cleaning franchise to manage a team of 25 it’s entirely up to you.

With over a decade of experience, we know what it takes to run a successful cleaning franchise and bring tangible results. Given this, we’ve made sure to cover every little thing you need to run your cleaning franchise.

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Growing your business without having to build a brand from scratch.

We’ve been in the cleaning industry since 2009. We saw the ups and downs and we learned from them. Now, we’d love to teach you a few tricks. Growing a business from scratch isn’t easy. By joining Fantastic Cleaners, you’ll be running a franchise business that’s already widely recognised within the UK. But a great brand name comes with great responsibility. Customers will expect high-quality services.

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Full training and individual coaching.

We’ll keep this sweet and short because we know you’re busy. Building 500 businesses taught us a lot in 10 years. We’ve packaged everything we know in an easy-to-use academy that you can access anywhere, at any time. But nothing can compare to practical training. That’s why our experienced professionals will offer you on-site training during the first weeks. The support doesn’t stop here.

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Management systems and marketing campaigns.

Our IT gurus, marketers, SEO experts and many more will make sure your business is set to success. We’ve developed a CRM system (and named it XRM) that allows you to manage your schedule and communicate with our customer service team and clients on the go. Our creative marketers work all day long to develop and execute strategies that will maximise your profit.

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Cleaning franchise packages

And we’ve made sure to create a franchise package that meets every budget.

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Working franchise

Open and run one, or more, franchise units, while still operating on-location.

  • Low-risk opportunity to start a business
  • Full operational training
  • Integrated computer system
  • Easy schedule management from our bFantastic app
  • Marketing and sales support with no added cost
  • Business development support from experienced professionals
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Area development franchise

Acquire the exclusive rights to subfranchise and develop Fantastic Services in your city or county.

  • Business support and individual coaching
  • Operational processes and systems set in place
  • Right to subfranchise “Working Franchise” in your area
  • Support in crafting business and marketing plans
  • High level of independence how you grow your business
  • Recruiting and managing a staff of employees and franchisees
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Master franchise

The exclusive rights to develop, subfranchise and run Fantastic Services in a country like Germany, or the United States.

  • Full ownership of franchise rights for a country
  • Right to sell “Area” and “Working” franchises
  • Professional business coaching and technical support
  • One on one sessions with the headquarters to help you developed the brand in your country
  • Full backend system access allowing you to run your business smoothly from day one
  • Assistance in marketing and sales

Our cleaning franchise opportunities have uncapped growth potential

Our franchise cleaning packages include a huge range of different cleaning services such as oven cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and domestic cleaning franchises.

Do you have trouble picking one? Depending on the size of your team, your area and the equipment you have, you can start with one or two services and then include more services to your list and increase the volume of your business.

Find more about each of the services that Fantastic Services offer!

  • Regular Cleaning

    Also known as housekeeping or maid services, this is one of the most profitable and at the same time, low-investment cleaning franchise opportunities out there. It’s a service required by busy people who don’t have enough time for tasks, such as cleaning, ironing and other light chores and the equipment is usually provided by the customer. To learn more about our domestic cleaning franchise visit our page and learn more about our offer.

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  • One-off Cleaning

    Also called deep cleaning this service is performed at hourly rates. It involves more precise work than the regular cleaning sessions do. Customers often book it before a special occasion or as part of their spring cleaning practices, for example. See more information about this opportunity on our house deep cleaning franchise page.

  • Hard Floor Cleaning

    Again, this is a service charged per size. Depending on the type of floor surface in the property/room and your customer’s needs, the jobs may vary. To provide the service, you need a hard floor maintenance machine, in order to perform tile and grout cleaning, stripping and sealing, or honing and floor polishing services.

  • Carpet Cleaning

    A carpet cleaning franchise operates in a pretty competitive industry. Operating under the recognisable name of Fantastic Services will help with customer trust. Once you’ve got the skills and the special equipment, which we’ll help you with, you can start providing our carpet cleaning services such as dry carpet cleaning, hot water extraction, upholstery and mattress cleaning.

    Learn more

  • Window Cleaning

    The high-demand window cleaning industry is rapidly growing, especially within the commercial customer sector. We stay ahead of our competitors by employing our advanced window washing methods. To operate a successful window cleaning franchise, you will need a van, equipment and at least two cleaners. If you are interested in becoming our next successful window cleaning franchisee, visit our page and learn more about our window cleaning opportunity.

    Learn more

  • Oven and BBQ Cleaning

    The key benefit of our oven cleaning franchise opportunity is that no experience is required. What’s more, this particular service doesn’t involve expensive and bulky equipment. We go more in-depth in our oven cleaning franchise page so you can learn more there.

    Learn more

  • Move Out Cleaning

    Move Out cleaning (frequently called End of Tenancy) is a super profitable service. It’s not charged at hourly rates and it requires specific knowledge that we can provide you with. It’s important to understand that this type of service differs from deep cleaning and it’s required when a tenant leaves a rental property. You or/and your teams will have to closely follow a detailed checklist.

    Learn more

  • After Builders Cleaning

    This one is quite similar to deep cleaning. The service requires at least two cleaners, hard work and attention to detail. It involves in-depth cleaning of properties that are extremely filthy and dusty. Simply put, the technicians will need to clean up the mess that is caused after a renovation or construction project.

  • Office Cleaning

    The United Kingdom has nearly 6 million businesses in operation. Quite a few of them require cleaning services on a weekly basis and that’s why it’s such a lucrative opportunity. Or in other words, you'll be always on the winning side, as business clients need their premises cleaned on a regular basis.

  • AirBnB and Holiday Cleaning

    Mainly focused around sprucing up rentals and AirBnB, providing rentals cleaning includes check-in and checkout reports, making beds up to hotel standards and organising clean linen delivery.

Fantastic Cleaners Professionals Fantastic Cleaners Professional

We’d love to hear from you if you are:

Owner of already established cleaning businesses
If your business is struggling or you just need a push from a well-known brand, we are here for you. We’ll help you through the process of increasing your workflow and your customer base.

Someone who wants to start a low-risk cleaning business
Are you looking for a new business adventure but you don’t want the risk of possible failure? And you don’t have any experience? Those are not reasons that should stop you! With us, everything is easy! We’ll teach you everything from the start, and we’ll continue to support you during your journey.

An investor who’s looking to grow their wealth without taking undue risks
Are you seeking the best opportunity to make an investment? Today, you’re in luck. The cleaning business industry is a great sector to invest in. However, in order to succeed, you’ll definitely need someone like us - a company, which has been in this industry for a long time and knows all the challenges and obstacles. And their solutions.

Are you the one we’re looking for?

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What will you need to start your cleaning franchise business with us?

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    Documents - Eligibility to work in the UK and a DBS check.

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    Registration - Being registered as a limited company.

  • Shield Graphic

    Insurance - Public liability insurance. We can assist you with this.

  • Wheel Graphic

    Soft skills - Fluency in English. Show commitment to being punctual and willing to help the customers.

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    Hard skills - Knowledge of how to use a computer and smartphone so you can keep track of your schedule.

  • Van Graphic

    Driving licence - At least one member of the team should have a driving licence.

  • Box of Tools Graphic

    Equipment - The different types of services you’ll be delivering will require various tools and, when needed, a certain type of vehicle. We can help you with renting or buying the vehicle and equipment.

For more in-depth details, you can visit our other cleaning franchise pages:

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