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Our business model, advanced technology, and domestic business know-how, together with your passion for keeping homes spic-and-span, can secure your financial future.
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Own a Successful Cleaning Franchise in the UK

Keep it clean and simple

90% of start-up businesses fail soon after they launch due to the vast array of skills required to start a business from scratch.

Fantastic Services allows you to focus on what you enjoy doing while we take care of everything else.

You'll be assisted with marketing and client acquisition, and also be given important information, training, and other necessities to start your own domestic cleaning business.

Our squeaky clean business model and well-established brand will make your entrepreneurial experience more enjoyable than if you were doing it solo.

Grow in times of change

The technology-driven society of today is causing rapid growth in the domestic cleaning industry due to the convenience of being able to hire cleaning services at the tap of a button.

By joining forces with us, you'll have the opportunity to enter this rapidly growing industry with ease.

Why consider running an electrical franchise business in the first place

Tidy up your profits

Own your worth. Own your schedule. Own your profits.

Joining forces with us allows you the opportunity to enter a low-risk, high-demand industry with unlimited growth potential and a Fantastic partner who'll be with you every step of the way.

We're the partner you've been looking for!

Industry recognised

Don't take our word for it. Take a look at what our partner Ashleigh has to say about us.

Ashleigh Keller Fantastic Services Area Developer - Watford
"I searched every website, every expo, and I really met Fantastic Services and realised, yes they are the A-Team" Watch the full video with Ashleigh, one of our star franchisees.
Recommended brand

Every second domestic cleaning services client will refer the service to someone they know.

You will be well-known and recommended.

We are a team

We'll be with you every step of the way.

The demand in the cleaning industry is sparkling at the moment. What’s your place in it?

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