A Fantastic Opportunity To Build A Dominant Home Service Franchise In Your Country.

Partnering with Fantastic Services means partnering with one of the most successful home services brands in Europe. Our operating systems combined with world-class support will help you rapidly expand in your country.

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Universal Demand for our services.

With over 15 awards in under 2 years, we are confident that we are the best. Yes, we truly are Fantastic, but we deserve this adjective only because our partners are Fantastic as well. We are proud to work with over 860 franchising units across three continents. We have over 36 Area Developers and two Master Franchisees already, making our brand a household name in Hungary and Ireland.

We have a significant share of a booming industry that has been rising for over 8 years despite economic, health, and political crises. Fantastic Services Co-Founders Anton Skarlatov and Rune Sovndahl are frequent guests and lecturers on webinars, franchising events, and business media shows. Their insights in the franchising world have helped many achieve their business goals and reach from 0 to a 7-figure business in no time.

Rapid Deployment of A Multi-Service Offering

As a Master Franchisee, you are able to rapidly deploy multiple home services into an area with the help and backing of our business support and advanced technology.

Our One-Stop-Shop Solution
With over 100 services in our portfolio, we are able to help you (and your franchisees) enter into new markets with an adaptable service portfolio that can expand at a moment's notice. This is very appealing to potential franchisees as they can actively cross-sell multiple services in their area.

Dedicated Support and Coaching.
Our dedicated support, training, and coaching teams have the experience and knowledge to help you solve any problem you might face. Their experience of launching and growing over 530 franchise units means that they can provide you with immediate support that saves you many hours of management time.

World-Class Marketing
We are very proud to say that our Marketing department is one of the best in the business. Their ability to create marketing communications that attract customers and franchisees is largely responsible for the growth of Fantastic Services. This team will be supporting you as you build and grow your master territory.

From Humble Beginnings to International Success

When Co-Founders Anton Skarlatov and Rune Sovndhal decided to take on one of the most competitive sectors in the world they had no more than a couple of laptops, a shared office phone, and a flatpack sofa.

Instinctively they knew that if they were going to make history, technology had to be at the heart of everything. They knew that consumer behaviour was changing rapidly and that convenience and ease of ordering were absolutely crucial in a modern business.

So they took this understanding and built what is today one of Europe's biggest service businesses which continues to gain momentum as it expands across the globe.

As it stands Fantastic Services now run a network of over 560 franchisees and serve over 50,000 customers every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to start?

A: All you need to start a business with Fantastic Services is an entrepreneurial spirit, some management skills, and an eagerness to learn the ins and outs of the vast property maintenance business. In addition, you’d need to have some financial capital to invest. Just like in any business, you will have to put down some of your own money, so you can enjoy the high revenues coming in afterward.

Q: How will I recruit people as a Master Franchisee?

A: We will support you in finding the right people for your business. We will do the screening and teach you how to choose the best professionals in any industry we cover. We will launch recruitment campaigns right from the moment you sign up with us, so there is no delay in starting your business.

Q: What does the Franchise Package include?

A: Being our partner means we will share all of our experience, resources, know-how and tech solutions so you will be fully prepared to take hold of your business and feel comfortable in this industry. You will receive: Introduction to the industry and training in its ins and outs; Personal coaching to make sure everything is clear; Access to our full of resources and knowledge Fantastic Academy, where you can learn everything there is to know about franchising and the property maintenance business; 500+ Specialists working around the clock for your success; A custom-built CRM system that automates all of your repetitive tasks; Two mobile apps, to make customer acquisition and following a child’s play; Over £20 million worth of technological solutions A proven business model that brings you guaranteed bookings; 50,000 loyal customers each month

Q: What experience do I need to join?

A: How much money do I need to start? It heavily depends on your ambitions and business goals. However, the minimum amount you’d need to invest is £100,000 +VAT to become a Master Franchisee with Fantastic Services. This money will all get back to you in the form of training, branding, marketing, advertising, customer support and IT support. You will also need between £50,000 and £75,000 of working capital, since, like any business, in the beginning, yours will spend more than it can earn. Unlike being alone, though, your business won’t take years to break even. In fact, it usually takes between 6-12 months to become self-sufficient and between 18-24 months to return your initial investment.

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