Fantastic Academy

Fantastic Academy: Your trusted mentor

At Fantastic Services, we believe that learning is the foundation of a successful business. Our skilled professionals have put together all the fundamentals that you (and your pros) need to know before starting your own franchise business with Fantastic Services.

What is Fantastic Academy

The short version: It’s a self-training platform, entirely designed to help Fantastic Services’ franchisees manage and develop their business, as well as the quality of work of their employees.

The long version: You will be granted exclusive access to a well-structured database, where you can gain the necessary knowledge, regarding your future responsibilities, as part of the Fantastic Team. We consider our training program the best in the industry because it explains to you (and your team) how to properly and competently perform your daily work tasks. However, Fantastic Academy will teach you not only how to be a responsible franchisee but also how to be a successful entrepreneur.

“Fantastic” is not only a brand name, but it’s also an adjective! Here is why our academy is so fantastic:

  • It gathers more than a decade of experience in one place
  • The lessons are easy to read and easy to understand
  • It contains subtleties of your service field
  • There are detailed lessons and in-depth articles
  • Practical tasks, videos and quizzes are also included

What you will learn from it

Fantastic Academy consists of lessons on different topics that cover the following:

  • Mandatory modules

In these, you will find all the necessary information for your partnership with Fantastic Services brand. This is a very simple guide that provides business fundamentals and broad information about our company procedures.

  • Service modules

These contain information, videos and tips about how to deliver a fantastic service to the clients. After all, meeting and exceeding our quality standards is a vital part of your future business and its growth.

  • Advanced modules

In these modules, you will find additional information and courses about how to improve your management skills and knowledge. This will help you uncover your inner sales genius and become a successful business leader.

What’s next?

Once you complete the academy, your assigned Quality Control Manager will organise your Induction Training. This will consolidate the knowledge that you’ve gained from the Fantastic Academy. Moreover, you will learn everything about our company system and working practices.

You are one step closer to starting your own business! Would you like to learn more?

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