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We’ve got the know-how, support and technology your home improvement franchise needs. All you’re left to do is focus on growing your handyman business.

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Why start a handyman franchise in the UK?

As the handyman industry sector includes various niche service markets, the potential to start and develop successfully a specialised handyman business is more than tangible. The industry has grown in the last 5 years at an annual rate of nearly 6%, where the total revenue in the last year is over £13bn.

Filling the market gap by starting a handyman business

Furthermore, the forecast from analysts show that a significant shortage of skilled service providers is expected, which means that the demand for qualified professional handyman services will also increase.

Then, let’s make it even easier for you and show you how you can join the market by investing in an already proven and risk-free franchise model under the Fantastic Handyman brand!

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What do you get when you invest in a Fantastic Handyman business?

With 11+ years of experience, we know what it takes to run a successful handyman franchise and bring results quickly.

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Return your investment fast

Enjoy running your handyman business with no-per-lead fees whatsoever! Launching your venture is effortless with easy-to-follow investment plan after your initial deposit, payable at the start of our partnership. You won’t need to waste time and money on searching for and chasing clients. We do this for you. You’ll have access to all our custom-built online tools (our XRM system and mobile app) that are designed to help you save on costs when managing your business. Last but not least, by mastering your sales skills (upselling and cross-selling), you’ll be able to increase your profits.

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Get our continuous support

From the very start, you’ll be invited to undergo an induction training at our Fantastic Academy (an unique online learning platform). You’ll also get our ongoing marketing, accounting, IT, sales and customer service, provided by in-house experts in the field. Whenever you need, you can always benefit from a one-to-one consultation with a franchise specialist, as well. And we can also assist you with acquiring all the necessary documents, equipment and tools if needs be. With us, you can focus on growing your business while being your own boss, working only according to your weekly availability.

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Enjoy instant business recognition

Well, with a well-known brand like Fantastic Services, where you get guaranteed clients from the start, who will instantly recognise you as a Fantastic Handyman uniformed technician, very little can go wrong! What we’ll expect from you in return is to keep our Fantastic name intact by delivering high-standard services.

Sounds good so far?
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Handyman franchise packages

See below our investment options, designed to meet any budget.

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Working franchise

Open and run one, or more, franchise units, while still operating on-location.

  • Low-risk opportunity to start a business
  • Full operational training
  • Integrated computer system
  • Easy schedule management from our bFantastic app
  • Marketing and sales support with no added cost
  • Business development support from experienced professionals
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Area development franchise

Acquire the exclusive rights to subfranchise and develop Fantastic Services in your city or county.

  • Business support and individual coaching
  • Operational processes and systems set in place
  • Right to subfranchise “Working Franchise” in your area
  • Support in crafting business and marketing plans
  • High level of independence how you grow your business
  • Recruiting and managing a staff of employees and franchisees
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Master franchise

The exclusive rights to develop, subfranchise and run Fantastic Services in a country like Germany, or the United States.

  • Full ownership of franchise rights for a country
  • Right to sell “Area” and “Working” franchises
  • Professional business coaching and technical support
  • One on one sessions with the headquarters to help you developed the brand in your country
  • Full backend system access allowing you to run your business smoothly from day one
  • Assistance in marketing and sales

So, what type of handyman services can you provide with us?

We know that when you focus on a single service and become really good at it, you can truly shine at your craft. That’s why we’ve made sure you can tailor your franchise package to your liking. Depending on your experience, skills and qualifications, you can offer various certified handyman services, as well as other types of qualified renovation, installation or general handyman services to your local clients.

  • Plumbing and gas heating services

    We provide highly specialised plumbing and gas heating services, performed by multi-skilled, qualified and certified plumbers and gas safe registered engineers. Tasks, such as addressing leaks and drainage problems, gas boiler installation and repairs, radiator servicing and repairs, replacement and fitting of bathroom/kitchen fixtures, appliance installation, issuing gas safety certificates, etc., can be part of your and your team’s responsibility. Explore our plumbing and heating franchise page for more information.

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  • Electrical services

    As a certified and experienced electrician franchise owner, you and your team will provide various electrical installation and repair services, from complete or partial rewiring, light installation and electrical fixtures replacement to appliance installation and electrical faults diagnostics and repairs. For more information, you can visit our electrical franchise business page.

    Learn more

  • Handyman services

    You’ll be expected to perform various types of odd jobs, fitting, replacement and repair services that require tradesmen expertise, practical skills and the right tools. You and your teams do not need to have some special certification to provide handyman services, but rather a sufficient experience on the job, regardless of whether you’ll be asked to assemble flat-pack furniture, mount a smart TV on the wall, fit a curtain pole for the client or repair their door lock.

  • Property improvement services

    Our company also offers a wide range of property improvement services. So, depending on your experience and qualifications, you and your team(s) can specialise in various renovation services. From painting, plastering, tiling, carpentry, kitchen/bathroom fitting or refurbishment and building services to floor renovation and repairs or specialised locksmith solutions, the choice is simply vast.

Fantastic Handyman Professional Fantastic Handyman Professional

We’d love to hear from you if you are:

A motivated and experienced handyman
Whether you are a self-employed experienced painter, plasterer or carpenter, or you’re just a master DIY-er who loves fixing stuff at home, you can become a successful handyman franchise owner easily with our initial and ongoing support. This is also an opportunity for any certified plumbing or electrical specialist to truly shine at their job, while working for themselves under our popular brand and enjoy a guaranteed client base.

A handyman business owner
We’d love to also hear from you if you already own a type of independent tradesman or handyman business and want to make it more profitable while saving on various operational and marketing costs. With us, you can grow your teams at your own pace and add gradually extra services, in order to expand your venture.

Someone, who is after profitable investment opportunities
Are you an investor who wants to join the profitable tradesman/handyman services market? Then, we’ve got the perfect opportunity for you. Check out our Area Development and Master Franchise options and get the chance to bring the Fantastic Services brand to your territory. We’ll help you learn how to build and manage your teams of specialists and working franchisees, so you can start developing your business and set it for success.

Are you interested in our tradesmen franchise offer? Let’s talk!

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Here’s what you need to start your handyman franchise

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    Experience - To provide various tradesman and handyman services, you’ll need to have experience and skills in your respective field of work.

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    Certification - Relevant certification and qualifications for plumbing, electrics, gas heating, etc.

  • Shield Graphic

    Insurance - Public liability insurance is a legal requirement, we can also help you if you don’t have one yet.

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    Good communication skills - You’ll have to speak to your clients daily, so a good level of English is mandatory.

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    Company registration - You have to register a company, in order to partner with us.

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    Driving licence - You’ll have to drive between jobs, so a clean driving licence is a must.

  • Box of Tools Graphic

    Equipment - You’ll need, of course, tools, equipment and a good-sized van (Smart van), too (we can also advise you on a number of options, regarding vehicle rental or lease if needed).

For more in-depth details, you can visit our other handyman franchise pages:

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  • Electrical Franchise
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    About Fantastic Handyman

    We launched Fantastic Handyman in 2011, as a response to the growing demand in the UK for professional and qualified property improvement and maintenance services. For the past nine years, we’ve partnered with numerous skilled, experienced and certified handyman. You can join our network of motivated handyman franchisees and grow a profitable handyman business without the worry of finding clients or marketing yourself.