Join an oven cleaning franchise under Fantastic Services in the UK

Invest in an oven cleaning business for sale in the multi-billion pound industry of oven cleaning. Join an already well-established brand with high-end technology and stable customer base.
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Fantastic Cleaners Professional Doing Oven Cleaning
Fantastic Cleaners Professional Doing Oven Cleaning

Invest in a sector with increasingly high demand

The oven cleaning industry in the UK is growing at a rapid rate and it has sparked a continual growth during the last few years. Lately, the entire cleaning industry encouraged more use of technology and advanced methods which enabled us to offer not only the strongest quality of oven cleaning services but also excellent customer experience.

Who doesn’t have an oven at home?

Almost every household in the UK has one. That’s what makes an oven cleaning franchise such a lucrative business opportunity. Оften, tenants are required to hire a professional to clean their oven when they move out. This is where your business gets into action. You’ll make sure that the property is in a pristine condition and the tenants can get their security deposit back from either the landlord or the agency.

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Oven cleaning franchise packages

Join our oven cleaning franchise and grow

Standard Package

  • Guaranteed clients
  • Sales, customer service and operations support
  • Marketing support
    /online marketing campaigns, promotions, advertisement, etc./
  • Quality control
  • Work schedule management system
  • Service quality training*
  • Option to resale the franchise if you decide to retire from the business
  • Trainers course - allowing to train future pros
  • Trainers course - allowing to train future pros
  • Option for financial funding/renting****
  • Option to resale the franchise if you decide to retire from the business
  • Trainers course - allowing to train future pros

Premium Package

Get everything included in our Standard Package plus a trainers course - allowing you to train future pros.

How profitable is an oven cleaning franchise?

We’d love to get more in-depth with this, once we get in touch with you. Contact us for a detailed breakdown of our initial investment and the expected ROI for the first year of running and operating an oven cleaning franchise with Fantastic Services.

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What makes this oven cleaning business opportunity fantastic?

We have developed quality oven cleaning methods throughout the last decade. Now, when the industry changes faster than ever before, we constantly make sure to improve our service with innovative methods; our marketing with fresh campaigns; and our technology with less consideration of human factor.

  • Set the terms yourself - the franchise agreement will be made to suit your needs.
  • Training for the inexperienced - you will get complete initial training to achieve the Fantastic Services Standard, and perform quality services.
  • Operate within the area you prefer -we will assign you, customers, in the areas you want to cover.
  • Flexible work schedule - you can easily manage your work schedule from your mobile phone by using our custom-built app.
  • Growing flow of customers - we’ll make sure that you always have customers, so you can focus on providing fantastic oven and kitchen cleaning services.
  • Ongoing franchise support - our experts in business development, marketing, finance, and accounting will be there for you at any time.

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Want to know more about the oven cleaning service itself?

The service involves disassembling all the removable parts and soaking them in a dip tank filled with a powerful cleaning solution. It also requires thorough scrubbing of the appliance and removing all traces of greasy food and burnt leftovers. In the end, you finish with assembling and test and voilà, the oven cleaning service is completed. Hobs, extractors, dishwashers and microwave ovens can be part of the oven cleaning service.

Fantastic Cleaners Professional Doing Oven Cleaning

More than just an oven cleaning business for sale

Being part of a multi-service company has its own benefits. Once you join us, besides oven cleaning, you’ll be able to perform various services that don’t require additional equipment:

  • Commercial Kitchen Cleaning
  • Range Cookers Cleaning
  • Deep Kitchen Cleaning
  • Kitchen Appliances Cleaning
  • BBQ & Grill Cleaning
  • Hob & Extractor Cleaning
  • Fridge Cleaning

*additional set of professional equipment will be required.

Fantastic Cleaners Oven Cleaning

What equipment will you need to start your oven cleaning business?

  • Documents and insurance
    To become our franchisee, you’ll have to be eligible to work in the UK. Also, you’ll need public liability insurance and an LTD registration but we can assist you with all of this.
  • Equipment
    The oven cleaning service is the best option for someone who wants to provide specific services and be a pro in this niche but at the same time doesn’t want to invest much in equipment. You’ll need a dip tank, a small stepladder, and a couple of scrapers, scourers and sponges. You’ll also need to use special detergents and goggles, masks and gloves for protection.
  • Uniforms
    We’ll provide you with a branded uniform that will make you feel comfortable throughout the working day. What’s more, by wearing the Fantastic Services uniform, you and your high-quality services be recognised everywhere.
  • Vehicle
    There are no specific requirements for the vehicle you’ll travel with. You can even choose public transportation. It’s up to you and your team/s. However, if you choose to travel by car, we can make it fantastic by branding it. Thus, you’ll benefit from the customers’ recognition and trust.

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