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Up to £5,000 home services business grant for those who have been affected by the pandemic

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For those who CAN’T, we offer a GRANT

Given that our economy is in a state of shock, and the home services industry was one of the least impacted by the pandemic, we’ve decided to contribute positively to the UK’s economy by developing a grant programme for everyone who wants to start a business but can’t afford it. The scheme is designed to help people who lost their jobs, and small businesses that may not be able to pull through the crisis by themselves. It covers expenses of starting a franchise that include initial franchise fees, training, equipment, supplies, branding and more!

We are giving up to £5,000 grant to everyone who wants to partner with Fantastic Services and start Cleaning, Gardening, Handymen, Pest control, or Removals business in London.

Everyone can apply. Simply fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you with a personalised franchise offer.

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Recognisable and trusted brand & a proven business model

We’ve been in the services industry since 2009. We saw the ups and downs and we learned from them. Growing a business from scratch isn’t easy. By joining Fantastic Services, you can build and run a business that’s already widely recognised within the UK.

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Advanced training & cutting edge technology

We provide you with all the know-how you need to deliver excellent services and give you access to our ultimate training platform – Fantastic Academy. You also get to use our CRM system, which automatically assigns jobs into their schedules and enables them to communicate with customer services and the clients in real-time.

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24/7 call centre support & a steady stream of customers

More than 500 in-house IT, marketing, SEO, accounting and customer services experts are constantly working to make sure you have a steady customer base and your business is set to success. We’ll provide you with 24/7 call centre support, that will handle bookings and any disputes that may occur.

What does a working franchisee do?

Our Working franchise is perfect for local service providers or self-employed tradespeople who offer one or a selection of services. Based on your skills, experience and equipment, you can build your own team(s) and service portfolio. We provide you with training, full marketing and sales support, guaranteed jobs and stellar 24/7 customer service.

This type of franchise partnership also has an option that gives you the opportunity to manage several local franchise units in a particular area. You will be responsible for recruiting or replacing, coaching and directing your local franchise partners, as well as ensuring the quality of their work. Leadership skills and managerial experience are an advantage.

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