Gone are the days of slaving over your windows with a bucket and cloth while standing on a ladder. These days, the developments in technology when it comes to window cleaning means that running a window cleaning business is not as tedious as it once was. What’s more is that there are several opportunities and advantages that come when you buy a window cleaning business. But should you start your business from scratch or should you consider buying a window cleaning franchise? We believe in the latter and here’s why.

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Table of Contents:

Proven track record

With a window cleaning franchise, you can enjoy all the methods and results of an established business. In essence, the hard work has already been taken care of through tried and tested means that have shown positive results on the bottom line. Any kinks in the process have already been ironed out beforehand, and it’s now ready for you to enjoy your pickings.

Continued operational support

Operational support when it comes to a window cleaning franchise opportunity takes support to a whole new level. While it’s true that you’re in business for yourself, you’re also in business not by yourself. This means support where it matters. You can enjoy support from both the franchisor, with an established track record, as well as the entire network of franchisees who can offer their advice and tips and tricks to you to help you grow. 

A well-recognised brand

A brand takes years to build up and if you’re thinking of starting a window cleaning business in the UK, this is another huge plus. Franchisors have spent years developing an established reputation in the industry, taking painstaking efforts to ensure that their name is well-known and recognised not only regionally but nationally as well. A solid brand means improved customer perceptions of your window cleaning business and a higher likelihood of attracting more new clients. 

Ongoing training 

Given the fact that window cleaning requires some prior knowledge and a bit of experience, it’s always a good idea to know that you’re ahead of the competition with ongoing training. Luckily, franchisors offer you this opportunity to learn and grow in order to be more competitive, to offer an even greater customer experience and to ultimately improve your bottom line. 

An established marketing strategy

Marketing is vital in today’s business world. And it involves having a strong and clear web presence, doing SEO research and creating content, using paid advertising to reach clients, monitoring your social media presence and so much more. While all this may sound overwhelming and a job for an entire team of people, this is something you won’t even have to think about with your own window cleaning franchise as all the marketing efforts are carried out by the franchisor. 

A business plan with a proven track record

Developing a business plan is one of the first things a new business owner needs to create. This is something that will be shown to potential lenders and investors. Essentially, this is the roadmap for your business. It entails your growth strategies, your plans and anything else in between that will help someone decide whether or not to invest in your business. Working with a franchisor means that your business plan is already set up. What’s more is that it’s been proven to be effective and can help you secure funding. 

Better buying power

As a window cleaning franchisee, you will not only be able to get help from the franchisor regarding purchasing the franchise itself, you will also be able to take advantage of lower prices on products, materials and equipment that the franchisor has negotiated for you in advance. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Fewer risks involved

Investing in a window cleaning business opportunity means that there are much higher chances for you to succeed as opposed to failing. While you still need to do your research in-depth, you should at the very least have greater peace of mind knowing that your business is much more likely to succeed by joining an established franchise as opposed to starting from scratch on your own.

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Starting your own window cleaning franchise

If after all that’s been said above, your interest is piqued and you’re thinking “this is great, but how much do window cleaners earn?” The answer is that this is a lucrative industry that’s seen growth over the past few years that has surpassed the national economic growth rate. That’s pretty impressive, isn’t it?

If you’re looking for a profitable window cleaning business for sale that has a proven track record of success, starting your own window cleaning business with Fantastic Services is the way to go.

You’ll not only be able to take advantage of all the benefits listed above, but the prices for starting up with your own franchise are affordable and competitive, meaning that with a low investment, you can enjoy a projected gross annual turnover of between £54,000 and £75,000.

  • Last update: November 29, 2021

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