Running a successful franchise is one of the best entrepreneurial paths that you can take on. Or at least, this is what Rune is convinced of. Franchising is way, way better than going the traditional startup route, hustling and grinding 24/7 to make a buck and survive in the world of business.

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Table of Contents:

Being one of the UK’s most technologically advanced franchisors, we’re aware of what most other franchisors put out there on “how to thrive as a franchisee” – Follow the system, be enthusiastic, make sure you have enough money… Wait, is this running a business, or is this living in the Matrix?

Well, you know what we think?

This type of talk is exactly what makes franchising seem boring, stale and so old-school that most people who would thrive as franchisees simply don’t even consider it as an option.

Well, we are not just another franchise, so instead of telling you “trust the system”, we’ve decided to show you exactly how we make our franchisees successful and even inspire the entrepreneurial bug in some of them.

But let’s backtrack a little bit. To grasp the full idea of joining and living in the Fantastic Services ecosystem, you’ll need to understand our three main types of franchising.

  • At the top, we have our Master Franchise. These individuals have committed to bringing the Fantastic Services brand to their country, developing the market and growing their franchise in their region.
  • Then we’ve got our Area Development Franchise. They have the rights to operate multiple areas within a country. Area developers and master franchisees work closely together to make sure their market is thriving and everyone is happy.
  • And our third option is what brings smiles to our customers. Working franchisees, or “the artists” as Anton likes to call them, are the gardeners who create beautiful back and front yards, or the electricians who make sure everything electrical in a home is working correctly, as well as the professional cleaners who can make any place feel cosy. And of course, we are talking about everyone involved in delivering our range of more than 25 domestic services.

Alright, but how do we make sure we’ve set up our franchisees for success?

For starters, we did our “homework”.

In the past 10 years, we’ve grown from a handful of people to a force to be reckoned with. What happens when you put a bunch of geeks, engineers, dreamers, innovators, artists, strategic thinkers, and mad scientists in one place? Fantastic Services, that’s what happens! There are over 450 experts in our headquarters office who support all our franchisees and their tradespeople daily with digital marketing, sales, customer care, IT, and business development. Distance means nothing to us because we can cross it with the speed of thought. This is how we make sure that every single Fantastic tradesperson all over the world has everything they need to have a successful workday.

Also, we research the best local and worldwide markets to make sure once you start you’ve got a demand for your services. The very same team that has grown Fantastic Services in the United Kingdom, Australia and now in the United States, will make sure that once your operation begins, no matter what type of franchise you are running, you will have everything you need to grow your business and thrive.

Then we make sure every franchisee fits our culture.

We can’t speak for other franchises, but at Fantastic Services we value our culture. That’s why once we’ve made the first touch with you, you go through a series of screening interviews to make sure you’ve got that same spark in your heart that started the flame that is today this company.

Once we make sure you’ll be a great fit, and all the nitty-gritty is dealt with, you will begin your training with Aoife.

Wait, who is Aoife?

She’s is the master franchise adviser. Aoife will take you on and guide through the Fantastic Academy (our interactive training platform) where she’ll show you every small detail of running a Fantastic Services franchise.

From managing cash flow to how our apps and CRM work, and most importantly managing the schedule and jobs of your working franchisees. Aoife and her team will also show you how to use our groundbreaking software so you can benefit from its cost-saving benefits.

And finally, it’s your time to shine!

Training periods will differ from franchisee to franchisee but we’re expecting you to start on your own after three months or so. Of course, we won’t leave you by yourself. We’ll always be here for you, lending a helping hand when you need one.

However, it’s time to go out and build your own Fantastic Services business, get clients, recruit professionals and bring smiles to all your customers.

Explore our franchise opportunities! Join our ranks of Fantastic experts in the UK, Australia, the USA and soon – worldwide.

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  • Last update: November 4, 2020

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