We’re delighted to announce that we’ve recently signed three new area development agreements. We proved once again that we always find a way to grow and improve our business. Our innovative thinking and hard work help us to confidently and restlessly drive through these turbulent times.

We are more than prepared to navigate our way to SUCCESS, proving that both – franchise and home-maintenance industries are booming, despite the crisis.

Three new area developers in the UK

Fantastic news! We expanded our business in Tonbridge. Our new Area Developer is a proud owner of a Handyman Franchise and after his full training, he is ready to deliver outstanding handyman services, including repairs, assembly, maintenance, home-improvements, installations and other various solutions to all Tonbridge residents.

More fantastic news! Our Gardening Area Development Franchise opportunity brought two new franchisees to our company. The territories that they’ll run a successful gardening business in are Sheffield and Canterbury. Spring is coming and people spend more time in their yards, especially during the lockdown. From now on, the qualified professionals, managed by our new area developers will deliver numerous services, including garden clearance, lawn care, tree surgery and hedge trimming, to thousands of Sheffield and Canterbury citizens.

Why smart people invest NOW

As one of the biggest property-maintenance franchisors in the UK, we can proudly say that we keep developing our business by adapting to the social distancing guidelines and finding new ways to help the public.

In these turbulent times, it is very important to be positive, but not just in a sense of keeping faith and motivation. Be positive, in a sense of making the best of the situation and looking at crises as great opportunities.

Many people are afraid to start a business now.

However, smart people, just like our new Area Developers, decided to invest in this very moment – at the beginning of a financial crisis.


They know that turning the COVID-19 outbreak and the following financial crisis into a business opportunity can result in the long-term growth and success of the business if it’s carried out well.

We, together with many successful companies, are a great example of this. Established during a recession in 2009, we now have more than 520 franchisees and we face the current crisis by expanding the business even more. Clearly, we know how to handle tough times.

But how do we do that?

We are not afraid. We support our partners. We innovate. We love what we do!

Do you want to be the next Area Developer of Fantastic Services? Explore our franchise opportunities!

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  • Last update: November 18, 2020

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