This year, Fantastic Services will take part in the Online Franchise Expo, hosted MFV Expositions between 15 and 30 October. Due to the COVID-19 thread, everyone interested in buying a franchise will be able to attend online, by logging onto the Online Franchise Expo website to research companies and engage with franchise brands.

We can’t wait to meet you there! Visit our designated online booth to find out what makes Fantastic Services the UK’s most technologically-advanced franchise in the property-maintenance industry and how this would benefit our potential franchise partnership.

You can learn more about:

  • The different types of franchise opportunities we offer (Working, Area Development and Master Franchise)
  • The range of over 100 high-end services that we have developed
  • All the innovation we have introduced to the market of property services
  • How we handled the COVID-19 outbreak and what our future plans hold
  • Our custom-build CRM and disruptive technology that would make your workdays smoother
  • The ongoing franchise support you would receive from the very same people who have grown the brand across four continents

Take the chance to discover the revolution we are making in the property-maintenance industry! Reserve your spot now for free!

What more to expect from the expo

Themed Your Journey to Business Ownership, the Online Franchise Expo program will include four content tracks that will help you get closer to owning your new franchise.

  1. Your Journey to Business Ownership: Webinars by experts on Buying a Franchise, Financing Your Franchise, Reading the Fine Print and Franchising Your Business.

2. An Exploration of Franchises by Category: A live virtual stage for presentations covering franchise opportunities in different industries. These live sessions will help potential franchisees define and determine what business categories best suit their needs.

3. Speciality Destinations: This stage will help you research more in-depth on the franchises that you’re interested in. You can discover those with unique incentives and targeted programs for veterans, minorities, women, etc.

  • Last update: November 18, 2020

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