As no property out there is immune to pest invasions, getting professional pest control help is often what can “make or break” the eradication of a vermin infestation. Or in other words, no pesticidal product or device is ever 100% effective without combining them with the long experience and high level of pest knowledge and skills, a specialist, who does this for a living, can have. 

So, we’ve decided to introduce next in our ‘Meet the Pros’ series – our pest control franchise partner – Stefan Mihalache, who’s been with us for nearly two years. From our candid interview with him, you’ll learn what it makes him good at what he does, why he loves being part of Fantastic Services and more. Stefan is one of the most sought after pest technicians in the area, whose customers have only great words to say about his workmanship. He is certified, insured and dedicated to making people’s homes a safer place.

Hi, Stefan, can you tell us what made you consider joining Fantastic Services back in late 2018?

Hello. In 2018, I decided to look into new opportunities for myself to have my own service business. I wanted to have a regular job schedule, where my skills and performance are reflected in my earnings. I came across the Fantastic Services franchise offer by chance and never looked back, as the company is always there for me with support and advice. 

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and your work?

I joined Fantastic Services in September 2018 as a pest controller in Birmingham, covering also Walsall and the nearby areas. I like to learn new stuff all the time and really enjoy meeting new people. I also love the fact that no day is the same for me, as I have to deal with different clients and different situations every time. Being able to solve problems, to make the clients’ lives safer and their properties pest free are some of the most worthwhile aspects of the job, I find.

Please, name 3 things that you like the most about your job!

The 3 things that I love the most working with Fantastic Services are:

  • I can manage my own schedule, choose when to have days-off, and generally decide on how busy my working week should be;
  • Again, the fact that I’m in control of how many jobs I take per month is what helps me balance my life and not get overstressed.
  • I also love the fact that I can improve my skills while on the job and at the same time, develop my business.

What about the biggest challenge in your field of work?

Doing things right the first time is a real challenge when we are talking pests and dealing with infestations. This means that we should always do our best to maintain the highest level of service standards so that we keep the customer happy with service.

Can you describe what makes you Fantastic at what you do?

Working under the Fantastic Services brand has taught me that when you engage with the client in a professional and friendly manner, explain all aspects of the job, and do your best to apply your skills and knowledge, very little can go wrong. 

So, on the whole, what makes you get up and go? What is your motivation?

What makes me get up is the satisfaction I get at the end of each day. The feeling I get when the customer confirms that everything is alright and that their pest problem is solved once and for all is what motivates me to keep going.

Would you tell us how a typical working day goes for you?

A typical day for me starts with a quick check of the addresses I need to visit. Also, I always inspect all the materials and equipment I’ll need before I leave for my first job to make sure that nothing is missing. I have to say, I hate being late, so I always leave a bit earlier to try to get on time at the customer’s property. When there, I take my time to assess the situation and plan the best possible treatment that suits the customer and fits best the level of the infestation. I like explaining things, too, to the client, so I inform him/her about every step that needs to be taken so that their problem gets resolved.

How do you like spending your free time?

In my spare time, I love meeting my friends and spending quality time with my partner. I also like taking good care of my car. And sometimes, I dust off my camera and go out for a shooting session.

What advice can you give other potential franchisees?

Don’t be afraid of following your dreams. And if you’re serious about wanting to be your own boss and run your own business with hardly any risk, then, see what Fantastic Services has to offer!

Explore our franchise opportunities and power up a profitable business.


And finally, what helpful tips would you share with your clients?

My advice to all our clients would be to always keep their houses clean and well maintained. 

We at Fantastic Services would like to thank Stefan for his dedication and wish him all the best of luck with his teams of professionals. Big thanks for making this interview possible!

  • Last update: November 18, 2020

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