The coronavirus outbreak is one of many public health crises we faced in the last decades. However, with innovative thinking and hard work, we’ve strengthened our business by making it ready for challenges like this one. We believe that the best way to overcome a crisis is to think outside the box and come up with mutually beneficial solutions.

We leave our services available to the public

Fantastic Services has seen an increase in home services demand during the coronavirus outbreak.

Now, when people generally feel more anxious and would like to ensure their homes are cleaned and disinfected, our cleaning services are more needed than ever. Different businesses, from big tech giants to small local businesses, are encouraging their office staff to work from home during the next couple of weeks, while our fantastic teams remain fully-scheduled, trying to properly minimize any risks.

We make restrictions

We put our customers first but we always strive to protect and take care of our technicians and the pros of our franchisees. We make sure that all the active professionals have not travelled outside of the UK in the past 2 months, they are fully equipped and certified to provide their services. We established strict rules for them, regarding their health and safety. In addition, they’re following practices and procedures on a daily basis to ensure not only their own safety but also our customers’ protection and well-being.

We launch new services

In reference to the rapidly evolving pandemic and the crisis situation all around the world, we wanted to support our customers and our franchisees. Expecting the outbreak to eventually reach Europe and the UK, we have been preparing for this for the last couple of months.

We have implemented antiviral sanitisation and cleaning services, available for all Londoners. The service is provided by sanitisation specialists with certified antiviral detergents.

We were hoping for the best but we were prepared for the worst-case scenario

“Our specialists have looked into what cleaning agents are suitable for such viral conditions. I think we are ready to do the best we can in case somebody needs a little help.”
– company co-founder Rune Sovndahl

We support our franchisees

Since our franchisees are the superheroes, who help us lead our business through the coronavirus crisis, the company co-founder Anton Skarlatov made an official statement for them, explaining that we are constantly coming with new ways of how we can make things better for our customers and our franchisees. We’ve made sure that they have the supply and the protective gear that will be needed to perform all the jobs.

“I want to ensure you that the Fantastic management team is working very hard in extended hours to make sure that you all have work and will be able to support yourself and your families.”
– Anton Skarlatov

Thus, by supporting our franchisees, protecting our customers and motivating our employees, we’ll be able to overcome the coronavirus outbreak as a company. Do you know why? Because we are #FantasticTogether.

  • Last update: November 17, 2020

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