Fantastic Services and the Teach For All global network teamed up to organise an amazing event in October. The first of its kind, the Inspire & Educate Summit was held at the Fantastic Services headquarters office and it gathered more than 15 international delegates, business leaders, CEOs and founders from the USA, Asia, and Europe, who shared their experience and know-how with us.

The winnings from the Inspire & Educate Summit went to the charity Miles of Books, another great incentive started by Fantastic Services that brings books to disadvantaged children.

The company staff of Fantastic Services had the chance to attend 14 inspirational talks and workshops across three days filled with excitement and collaborative synergy.

Things kicked off on Tuesday (October 1st) with an inspirational talk by Henry May who is a social entrepreneur from the UK. He told us the story of how Huracan became a global phenomenon. After that, we jumped into self-improvement mode with a talk about decision-making in business by Richard Wilson who is the founder of Maths Pathway.

“Henry May’s session (Power of moments) was exceptionally useful, inspiring and emotional. I would love if we get a chance to benefit from his knowledge again in future (same applies to Ryan Hoch).”
– Nora Kubinova

The second day started with a presentation by Soumya Jainon how to run away from micromanagement, the bane of anyone who works in an office environment, followed with a talk by Parth Nilawar on how to be a better parent. Then Sorawit Paiboonrattanakorn (the founder & CEO of Saturday School Foundation, Thailand) told us about some amazing innovative learning and training methods that we could easily apply. The day concluded with a presentation by Ryan Hoch – the co-founder and CEO at Overgrad – who talked about design thinking and disruptive innovation, useful in solving complex problems.

Thursday began with Martins Gulbis (the founder of Laboratorium) who told us the story of how he became a business owner. After this, Henry May took the stage once again to take us through an interactive journey that showed us the power of moments, helping us to understand the science behind the truly significant moments in life. This was followed by a talk by Vikas Plakkot who is the executive director at Enabling Leadership (a non-profit organisation) about work-life balance – a topic that we are quite keen on as we understand just how important this is to us. The day concluded with a presentation by school teachers David Chak and Victor Hin Choong Wan who talked about project-based learning and techniques to handle complex problems.

The final day of the event was just as exciting. Aniket Doegar, the CEO and co-founder of Haqdarshak, shared some invaluable personal experience about failure and success. Then Fahd Jamaleddine talked about how to nurture the mindset of children and prepare them for the real world. After which we attended the final talk by Sanju Pal who shared some techniques on training our brains to achieve a positive mindset.

About 150 Fantastic Services staff members attended the event. Here is what some of our coworkers shared about their experience:

“The different point of view. Great explanation on the correlation between professional work environment, experience for the customers and human values.”
– Silvena Dimitrova
“The most useful thing from all sessions is the fact that there are people who are working and dedicated to helping others and making it their mission in life and a full-time job.”
– Dobromir Atanasov
  • Last update: November 18, 2020

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