Oh, yes! We did it again!

We were announced winners in the 2020 Franchise Innovation Award for Most Innovative Service Introduction.

And we are proud!

Our innovative thinking and quick response to the COVID-19 situation were recognised by one of the most prestigious annual awards, organised by Franchise Update Media. The organisation has been an advanced resource for the franchise industry in the last 30 years. They constantly provide valuable information to franchisors, franchisees and franchise prospects, focusing on building an environment where customers can learn, find new business opportunities, network and find inspiration between each other.

And they’re completely right!

The franchise industry inspires us every day! We are happy to be part of such a vibrant, diverse and goal-oriented community. All of the nominated brands motivate us to be better, challenge us to do more, and in some cases, even give us a reason for being. So, we want to say huge thank you to Franchise Update Media and to everyone involved!

What was out trump card to win the Franchise Innovation Awards?

We’ll let you in on a little secret. We did not have one!

We didn’t want to crack the system or mislead our customers. All we did was being honest, transparent and innovative.

We knew that the traditional way of delivering home services would no longer be feasible, and people would have extra needs. By focusing on the “new normal”, we launched a couple of new services, tailored to our customer’s needs. And it turned out to be a tremendous success!

Today, our franchisees provide Antiviral Sanitisation and Minimal Contact services on three continents – the UK, Australia and USA.

We’re glad that our hard work and out-of-the-box thinking was identified and recognised at this year’s Franchise Innovation Awards.

But enough bragging. We’re busy getting ready for next year’s awards! So, let’s get back to work and continue innovating.

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  • Last update: November 18, 2020

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