Christian Kimena has been a Fantastic Services franchisee for 5 months now. He provides profession oven, carpet, and window cleaning. We are very lucky to be working with him as he is amazing at what he does and he has such a positive and light-hearted personality.

And it gives us great pleasure to say that he is the first winner of our £1000 franchise referral reward for successfully recommending a friend who is now also part of Fantastic Services.

We had the chance to meet Christian in person to surprise him with a giant check and also ask him a few questions. Angie from our headquarters office was there to personally congratulate Christian and give him his reward. Here is a transcript of Christian’s Q&A.

Angie: Alright, Christian, congratulations! How are you feeling?

Christian: Great, thank you, thank you. laughs

A: Did you know that you are actually the first to win our referral reward?

C: Hah, no, I had no idea. I did not really do it for the prize. I’ve been working with Fantastic Services for about 5 months now and everything has been going great. So I told a friend of mine about that and encouraged him to join. So the reward is just the cherry on the top of the ice cream. Thank you.

A: And who did you recommend?

C: A friend of mine, Jerry, he’s great and he’s doing end of tenancy cleaning. He is also very happy about starting his own professional cleaning business.

A: Wonderful, and how are you going to spend your thousand pounds?

C: Hmmm… haven’t given it a thought, really. Maybe I’ll go on a little vacation this summer. We’ll see.

A: Alright, that’s wonderful. And, can I ask you a few questions about your experience with Fantastic Services so far?

C: Yes, of course.

A: You started your franchise a few months ago, what was it like in the beginning?

C: It all happened very quickly. After I decided to try franchising, there was a couple of weeks of training and on-boarding. There was a little getting used to but it all eventually clicked.

A: What do you like best about working with Fantastic Services?

C: The thing I love most is the connectedness. There are so many people involved. Yet, the organisation is great. It’s like we are one big team and everyone is everybody, doing their best to help.

A: And what do you think about the systems and mobile apps?

C: Yes, those are great and very helpful. I can see that things would be totally shambolic if we didn’t have this mobile technology available. I am not the most tech-savvy person but I realise the value of having so many aspects automated in your day-to-day work.

A: Do you have any plans for the future? Where do you see yourself in a year or two?

C: Well, I hope that I will be able to grow my business, reach more customers, cover wider territories. So far things have been going great and I am very hopeful for my business.

A: Alright, that’s great! Good luck! And would you like to say anything to those who wish to start their Fantastic Services franchise?

C: Well, yes, I’d say that they should give it a try. I can say that it has been the best business decision that I have made. But I can only speak for myself. So yeah, go ahead and learn more about the company. It just might be what you have been looking for.

  • Last update: November 17, 2020

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