When asked about their ultimate business goals, many business owners point to growth as one of their long-term goals. Just like parents like to watch their children grow, it’s only natural to anticipate your business to expand.

However, one question that many startups often forget to ask themselves is: Is my business scalable? 

When it comes to scalability, growth is only a fraction of the definition. You need to be able to meet the growing needs of your customers and company without increasing your costs that much. So if your revenues are getting bigger, and so do the costs – you are growing, but if you can keep your costs low while still seeing your profits skyrocket, you are scaling.

According to YCombinator Co-founder – Paul Graham, “the only essential thing [for startups] is growth. Everything else we associate with startups follows from growth.” Therefore, achieving sustainable growth is what makes a difference between a fail or win situation.

Scale or fail – just how important it is to be able to grow

Scaling is critical because sustainable growth tends to cure everything else that can and does go wrong at a startup. 

We, at Fantastic Services, provide many growth opportunities – franchisees can add more and more services to their portfolio through our multi-service franchising model. However, if you are more cautious and want to start off small just testing the grounds, you may do so. Eventually, you may get exclusive franchise rights for a whole area, and that is without a significant increase in costs.

Scalability and growth through automation

At Fantastic Services, we built our customer relationship management system (CRM) to automate the business processes and help our franchisees focus on growth and smooth business operation. The CRM is bundled up with lots of cost- and time-saving features that allow our franchisees to optimise their services and scale and grow seamlessly.

The software helps reduce the need for constant human monitoring by analysing new jobs and automatically fitting them into a technician’s schedule based on a set of factors, such as availability, qualification, set of skills, professional equipment, and even their proximity to the client’s property.

Types of franchises you may choose from in Fantastic Services

At Fantastic Services, we offer three types of franchise investments – Master Franchise, Area Development Franchise and Working Franchise. If you decide to start slow and small with the Working Franchise, there is always to grow, and before you know it, you may begin reaping the benefits of the Area Development franchise. Below you will find the essential characteristics and differences between the three types of franchise that we offer.

Master Franchise

The Master franchisees hold the exclusive rights for the Fantastic Services brand at a country level. The master franchisee may sub-franchise our brand, know-how and technology in the country of their choice.

Being a Master Franchise may sound tempting, considering the massive market that the future franchisees would tap into, but with great opportunities come significant responsibilities. You’ll be responsible for everything — from building the Fantastic brand in your country to creating a back-end centre to support the smaller franchisees in the structure.

Area Development Franchise

If you choose to be Area Developer, then you will hold exclusive franchise rights to a specific area in your country – a city or a county. You will be responsible for the development of the market in that particular area.

Our franchise model is a multi-service one, so you may choose to provide either one or all of the following services: professional cleaning, gardening and landscaping, handymen and builders, pest control and waste removal.

Working Franchise

Our working franchise model is for those who want to start small and grow big while still enjoying the perks of our 24/7 customer support and marketing. It is our smallest franchise unit. This type of franchise caters to the needs of entrepreneurs who do not have the energy to run teams of 30+ employees. You will be surprised by the number of people who aren’t interested in being managers but want to act on the spot and mow that garden themselves or clean the office perfectly, just as they know.

If you choose the Working Franchise model, you will still benefit from our know-how and marketing support. In addition, nothing is ever set in stone if you change your mind – you may always add new services or even expand to Area Developer.

How our franchisee Ivanka Obreshkova grew from Working franchise to Area Development

One of our best franchisees, Ivanka Obreshkova, who also won the AFA Awards Franchisee of the year award in 2020, is currently an Area Development franchisee for the Oxford area in the UK. What started as a Working franchise with a single team is now a dedicated, hard-working Area Development franchise with 50+ employees under her management.

When asked in a recent interview about her journey with Fantastic Franchise, she responded passionately:

“I can tell you all the sob stories for the last four years, but the most important thing is that from a team of five, we currently have over 50 people operating full time. Nine of them are Working franchisees who manage their own teams, seven of which have started as my employees. What’s always been important to me is to motivate and inspire my employees never to stop dreaming and work hard toward achieving their dreams.”

The key to success and strategic growth, according to Ivanka, is “stellar customer service”. A professional, dedicated team that knows how to deliver a five-star rating service will always be preferred by customers.

Ivanka focuses on developing her business while we deliver our marketing campaigns and support her with sales and technology development. 

In 2020, 42 of our franchisees expanded their service portfolio and business and welcomed over 25 new Area Developers in the past year. At Fantastic Services, we welcome growth and thrive on ambitious franchisees who want to expand together with us.

If you are interested in joining and growing together as a family, click the button below to explore the many franchise opportunities we offer.

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  • Last update: July 2, 2021

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