Today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world allows more people to seek independence and build their own business regardless of their age and experience. The accessibility and relatively low initial investment make franchising an attractive option to entrepreneurs of all generations.  

And even though the motivations to join a franchise differ from generation to generation, Fantastic Services manages to attract Millennials, Boomers and even Zoomers to home-maintenance franchising. The company’s approach to addressing each franchisee’s individual needs and nature is what makes it the perfect multigenerational franchise. 

The Youth Force: Millennials and Gen Z in franchising

Currently, Millennials are people between 24 and 39 years old and are the most active franchise buyers. What’s more, the statistics from the BFA/NatWest Franchise Report 2018 show that 18% of all franchisees are under 30. And while they tend to get some bad press that accuses them of being self-entitled slackers, the truth is they’re becoming the active workforce and stand behind the innovation and digitalisation of a lot of industries. 

And while people from Gen Z (born between 1997 and 2012) are now just getting into their 20s, many of them are eager to build their own businesses and are beginning to join franchises. An excellent example is Fantastic Services’ very own Zoomer franchisee – the 22-year-old Lavinia Giuran, who runs one of the most fastest-growing businesses at the company.

What are Millennials looking for in a franchise?

Technology and digital presence

They’re the first generation to grow up with the rapid development of technology and the internet. This is why people born after 1981 are looking to work in a business that utilises digital technology. Fantastic Services, the most technologically-advanced franchise in the UK’s property services industry, with a fully automated CRM system and innovative mobile apps use, is the perfect fit for tech-savvy Millennials.

Training and support

Although they’re ambitious and resourceful, people from younger generations often lack industry-specific experience. This and their internal drive to better themselves are the reasons Millennials are interested in continuing professional training. With the online training platform of Fantastic Services, they have easy access to learning specific skills and compensating for any lack of experience. The company is also keen on organising seminars and mentorships for its franchisees, so they can get all the support they need to grow into successful leaders.    

Work culture, values and social responsibility

Millennials and Gen Z are much more concerned and proactive regarding social and environmental issues than any other generation before. So they’re looking to work for and partner with companies that are authentic and devoted to making the world a better place. A work culture based on equality and mutual understanding is essential. A lot of young franchisees join Fanstatic Services because of the friendly work relations at the company and its strong stand for supporting women in business and continuing efforts for lower carbon footprint. 

Starting a business over 50 – the Boomers that continue to evolve 

People in their 50s and 60s thinking only of their retirement is a thing from the past. According to a report by the UK Office of National Statistics, in 2017, about four out of ten entrepreneurs were people over 50. People at that age are ready to make informed risks and prefer to partner with already established franchises.      

What makes a franchise the perfect match for Baby Boomers?

Proven business model

When starting a business, Boomers are not interested in rising from the ground and lose time in countless trial and error situations. Therefore, partnering with a leading franchise company, such as Fantastic Services, that has years of experience on the market are prefered by people over 50. Business models that have been proven to work and drive profit are key in their decision-making process.  

Well-established protocols and systems

The Boomer franchisees at Fantastic Services have plenty of experience behind their backs and are eager to apply it. However, what they truly value is the set systems, automation and protocols for every service and process at the company. Generally speaking, Boomers are not looking to reinvent the wheel but rather apply their expert skills to a well-established system that can support them. 

Security and stability

Baby Boomers are considered to be loyal employees and business partners, and they’re looking for reciprocity from franchisors and managers. Being much less likely than their younger colleagues to make risky investments, Boomers are looking for franchises that have years of experience and are here to stay. 

Join our multigenerational Fantastic Familly 

Regardless of your age and background, Fantastic Services has everyone you need to become a successful business owner. We are a  multigenerational franchisor who provides a work environment of mutual support, where different generations can learn from each other, improve their strengths and grow their businesses together. Learn more about our flexible franchise opportunities today!

  • Last update: August 19, 2021

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