There are a lot of local franchise opportunities available, but how many of the top franchises in the UK are really affordable?

Many people looking for a new business, even in a proven network, want to start a franchise for under £15000.

Here is everything you need to know about affordable local franchise options – and a list of the best ones to watch out for.

Table of Content
Table of Contents:
  1. Why investigate UK franchise opportunities?
  2. The things low-cost franchise opportunities have in common
  3. Explore the top franchises under 15k

Why investigate UK franchise opportunities?

Starting your own business is a serious challenge. You need to develop the best processes. You need to get all of your equipment and permissions in place—all at the same time as actually trying to find customers.

Buying a franchise overcomes many of these challenges, as hundreds of new business owners discover every year. As a franchisee:

  • You are starting a business with a proven concept
  • Your franchisor has already perfected the processes you will follow
  • Your marketing (at least some of it) should be done for you
  • You are operating under a known brand name
  • You have constant support to call on, from your franchisor and perhaps other franchisees too

The things low-cost franchise opportunities have in common

There are a few factors that low-cost franchise opportunities tend to share:

  • No requirement for previous industry experience (though it can be helpful)
  • They are in industries that call for hard work but not always set qualifications
  • They tend to provide all the training you need (at least, the best ones do)

Explore the top franchises under 15k

1) Pest control franchise

A pest control franchise is not always an automatic consideration for a new business owner. Unless you have been in the industry already, it might not be one that naturally springs to mind. Yet, there is a steady and growing demand for pest control services in the UK.

On the other hand, starting your own pest control business can be tricky. There is a whole range of laws to follow. Plus, you need to know how to deliver lasting results. Your customers will not continue to use a pest control company that does not control pests.

As a franchisee, you get the training you need to deliver your services to the highest standard. You also get the support you need to set up your company in a legal way.

With a big name brand behind you, you will also be in a much better position to apply for those major clients and local government contracts, which are a vital part of most pest control companies’ customer base.

2) Cleaning franchise

Another business type where you will commonly find franchises under 15k is the cleaning and home services sector.

Domestic cleaning might sound like it’s the sort of thing where it’s easy enough to start your own version of a company. After all, you only need some basic supplies and a bit of hard work. Right?

Wrong. If you have ever heard someone tell you about the poor quality cleaning they got from a service – or how hard it was to get in contact with them to complain about it – you know that there are good cleaning companies and bad cleaning companies.

Bad cleaning companies quickly go out of business. This is why buying a cleaning franchise is a smart choice if you want the hard work and dedication you put into your new cleaning company to pay off.

3) Oven cleaning franchise

Some cleaning franchises are more specific than general home cleaning. Choosing to specialise can give you a better range of clients as you may have less competition to worry about.

An oven cleaning franchise is a good example of this. Performing oven cleaning to a professional standard calls for specialist equipment and products which can’t be bought over the counter.

With a franchise, you would have ready access to established supply lines to get that equipment. That’s on top of the training you need in order to be able to use it effectively.

It is all done to give your clients the kind of high-quality service they will want to order again and again.

4) Carpet cleaning franchise

carpet cleaning franchise is one of the most popular types of low-cost UK franchise opportunities.

Like oven cleaning, it’s a slightly more niche field than general home cleaning. It is also one that calls for specialist equipment. In this case, at minimum, a hot water extraction machine (sometimes known as a steam cleaning machine).

But even after you have purchased the right equipment, developing the kind of service your clients demand – and finding those clients in the first place – are serious challenges without the power and experience of a franchise on your side.

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  • Last update: February 24, 2022

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