Using automation technology in managing companies and organisations today is not only advisable. It’s a must. It can be implemented in any aspect of a business – from marketing and sales to project management and product creation. And in franchising, if utilised effectively,  automation can be the key ingredient to make the whole operation thrive. 

Automation technology for the win

Fantastic Services was named the most technologically advanced property-maintenance franchise in the UK’s property-maintenance industry, and it was not by chance. We realised the incredible impact automation technology can have on the growth and quality of service at our franchise and took advantage of it. 

By adopting ServiceOS as our business automation system, the quality of services improved while saving time and resources.   

Monitoring and optimisation of processes

Thanks to automation, we as a franchisor, can easily monitor the whole process of service and management from all angles and therefore measure results. This helps us see the big picture and make informed projections and decisions for optimisation.

Better use of employee time and skills

Automating essential but repetitive and mundane tasks such as invoicing, scheduling, online payments etc., lets employees use their time and expertise on more important aspects like improving the quality of service. It also gives franchisees a chance to better their business process and think of areas for refinement and innovation. 

Faster and more efficient customer communication

An automated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system makes communication and scheduling a breeze. Client information, requests and feedback are securely handled through the system. With ServiceOS, assigning teams to a job is entirely automatic and with minimum hassle for both customers and employees. 

Easy management of multiple teams in different locations

Automatic scheduling not only saves time but also reduces the chance of errors and misunderstandings. Not to mention the route optimisation feature, which chooses the shortest way to a job and makes the service faster, saves thousands of miles of travel and improves the company’s carbon footprint all at once. The automation system also allows franchisees and franchisors to monitor team performance easily and make adjustments where needed.

Integrated mobile apps that allow market growth

Mobile apps make services much more accessible to larger markets. The convenience of booking a service with just a few taps or with voice command attracts more customers and generates more sales. And the seamless integration of Fantastic Services apps available for clients and franchisee teams makes the process completely automated end to end.  

Saving money and human resource

Automating routine tasks can significantly reduce the number of people needed to complete a service and administrate a franchise business. In addition, the online professional training platform on ServiceOS lowers the coaching cost too. Savings on time and human resources lead expenses to decrease and allow for growth in profit and investment.

Fantastic Services franchise’s ultimate goal is to have successful and efficient franchisees who run their thriving small businesses. Using automation technology helps us define the work process with much better precision, optimise resources and discover new growth opportunities.

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