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Fantastic Apps: Embracing automation

We systematically embrace automation across our organisation, using it to drive changes to both our services and our business model.

A very important ambition of ours was to help our franchisees and their technicians in terms of scheduling, work rate and productivity. That’s why we have created our adept BFantastic app.

Our mission is to make our customers’ lives easier and happier. That’s why we developed GoFantastic - a custom-built app, that helps thousands of people to easily and effortlessly manage their home maintenance.

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BFantastic: Your daily organiser

BFantastic is an app, designed to simplify the technicians’ daily work process. It also helps our Master franchisees and Area Development franchisees to easily manage their pro’s schedule and performance. That’s how we kill two birds with one stone.

How it works

To receive current information about the jobs in their schedule, the pros just need to log in to their XRM account, and, voilà, the app is ready to use. It makes communication between them and our Customer Service as easy as pie. More importantly, they can reach the customer quicker via predefined text messages. Being able to make and send before/after pictures of the property and record their time on different tasks is one of the biggest advantages of BFantastic.

Thanks to our software optimisation, a single professional travels on average 10 miles less between jobs. Our data shows that on average, we are saving a total of 30,000 miles yearly, tremendously reducing the carbon footprint of our company.

GoFantastic: Right at the customer’s fingertips

GoFantastic is our award-winning application that answers all domestic needs of our customers. They can book over 100 types of services in less than 30 seconds. It’s impressive, but that’s not all. Our users can also check availability, reschedule and cancel their appointments.

What’s more, GoFantastic provides them with the opportunity to receive exclusive deals and offers, while they can also make a call or have a chat with a support person at any time. Another benefit that satisfies our clients is the Voice Search functionality which makes the processes even quicker.

We are not stopping here, through our app, all our customers can:

  • Upload photos or video during the booking process to better illustrate their needs;
  • Leave notes to their technician and track their arrival to the address;
  • Keep a record of and track all the services they booked.

We can proudly say that our mobile app GoFantastic won Best Consumer App at WebIt App Awards.

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