There are endless benefits and possibilities of starting your own business – whether from scratch or as a franchise operation. And this is especially the case with man and van businesses for sale. If you have a van and are looking for new opportunities to earn your living, there are a wide range of opportunities available to you. And the best part is that you won’t be working in an office cubicle, you’ll be able to set your own hours, the work will be different and will vary with each new client you have, and you’ll be able to meet people from all walks of life to help make your work more interesting and rewarding

So, if you’re looking for some entrepreneur opportunities that relate to working with your van, you might consider a van based business as you get started. And if you’re wondering how much does a man with a van earn, this will ultimately depend on the business structure you choose to follow and the amount of effort and work you’re willing to put in.

Table of Content
Table of Contents:

1.Van based business ideas in the UK

2.How to start a man and van business

3.Why van based franchise is the best opportunity for you

Van based business ideas in the UK

Van based franchises come with many perks. Firstly, there’s great demand for courier, delivery and removals services. With online shopping rising around the globe, delivering goods on time has become an industry norm. What’s more is that with tenants and homeowners moving into new premises, there’s great demand for man and van services, too. But that’s not where it ends. You can also use your man and van business to handyman or plumbing services, gardening services, home maintenance and cleaning and so much more. 

So, what are some of the perks of starting this type of business as a franchisee?


  • Affordable start-up costs: you can enjoy lower barriers to entry as your vehicle and franchise fees will be your biggest expense.
  • Reduced overhead expenses: since you’ll mainly be on the road, you will not have to think about leasing commercial space. 
  • Faster expansion: due to lower overheads, you can grow your business faster and invest in more vehicles in the future, if needed.
  • Better ability to get funding: most lenders look at franchises as more stable businesses with better business models than start-ups.
  • Ongoing support: a franchisor will provide you with ongoing training and support to ensure that you meet the highest quality business standards and to ensure you are supported every step of the way.
  • A well-recognised brand: you don’t have to worry about establishing your business’ reputation from scratch as you’ll be working with an established brand that’s known across the industry.
  • Marketing and clients: your marketing will be taken care of for you, depending on the franchisor you choose, and you will not need to look for new clients.


  • Vehicle costs and licenses: of course, your biggest expense as a man and van business will be your vehicle and you’ll also need to ensure you or the people who will be driving it have the right licenses and permits. 
  • Storage space: storage space will be another important element to consider as this will be especially important for businesses that store people’s valuables. 
  • Fuel costs: then there are the standard fuel costs which you’ll have to cover as well.

Overall, however, the perks definitely outweigh the cons and you can truly benefit from a rewarding man and van business. 

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How to start a man and van business

  1. Choose the right business structure: decide whether you will start on your own and from scratch or whether you will partner up with a franchise to help get you off the ground. 
  2. Choose your niche: there are almost endless opportunities for man and van businesses and you’ll need to choose your niche and stick to it. Be a master of one trade, instead of a variety that will not result in a quality service offering if you spread yourself too thin.
  3. Purchase a van: you’ll need to invest in a van but it’s even better if you already have one. 
  4. Market your offering: marketing is crucial for any business and a man and van business is no different. However, check for franchisors who offer you marketing support to help you reduce or completely eliminate this cost. 
  5. Provide a great service: once you’re set up, you’re ready to begin your service delivery. Keep in mind that your business will grow only as fast and as well as the last service you provided. You need to maintain a strong brand reputation, embody high service quality standards and deliver the best results each and every time. 

Why van based franchise is the best opportunity for you

A man and van business is one of the best self employed job ideas. Especially if you already have a van. The opportunities are countless and by pursuing man and van franchise opportunities, you’ll be able to get started on a much stronger footing than others who don’t.

If you’re ready to talk to someone about starting your man and van business, why not get in touch with Fantastic Services? With over a decade of experience in the industry and a wide range of service offerings, you can put your best foot forward and start earning much more quickly than if you were to start a business by yourself.

  • Last update: December 10, 2021

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