“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford

If someone asked you what is the number one reason for startup success, what would your answer be? In our experience, most people would start humming the famous song by Abba – “Money, money, money.”

It may come as a surprise to you, but according to a study where 200 startups from all over the world participated, the number one reason for startup success is “timing” with 42% of the cases. And guess what the second reason related to startup success is, according to the study? It is teamwork, with 32% of the cases confirming it as the single most crucial factor.

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Table of Contents:
  1. We are as flexible as Simone Biles
  2. We live and breathe innovation
  3. We like to pass our know-how
  4. We are one team
  5. We take you personally

Nothing is more imperative when you are just starting up than a team that sticks together like glue. Partners that are part of one team – that is how we, at Fantastic Services, perceive each new franchisee. Our franchisees are not just a contract number but a partner with a name and a story. Our personal approach is an essential ingredient for building a strong partnership with our franchisees.

Keep on reading to see how we like to keep our franchisees happy.

We are as flexible as Simone Biles

Signing a contract with a potential franchisor doesn’t have to feel like a prison. Yes, just like every successful business, there is a working system with a set of rules that helps create a structure for both the franchisee and the franchisor. 

Many people who are considering franchise opportunities are often set back by the franchise agreement, which can be relatively rigid with many franchise systems. We do differently in Fantastic Services because we are flexible and give our franchisees the freedom to choose their direction of growth, although we do have a proven model that works.

We know that listening skills are not just needed to pass the CAE. We understand that listening and reacting are essential to building trust and maintaining a healthy relationship. We also know that actions speak louder than words, so you may read how we helped Stefan set his own business and work at his own pace here.

We live and breathe innovation

We know innovation is key to keeping your competitors at bay, and that is why we like to invest our time and efforts in finding ways to be one step ahead of the rest continually.

At Fantastic Services, we like to keep our franchisor-franchisee relationship healthy, so we have discovered the magic of finding long-term solutions. For example, we have developed a new Antiviral sanitisation service in just a couple of weeks to support our partners during the Covid-19 outbreak and even got an award for that!

Our top CRM platform, which gives you all the vital information on your bookings at a glance and synchronises every step from the clients’ booking to appearing in your schedule, was created with you – the franchisee in mind. And it is not just the CRM but our outstanding support and apps that will help you gain a competitive notch and become the preferred service provider by technology-driven Millenials.

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We like to pass our know-how

What does a well-researched and structured business system become if it’s not passed on through tutorials for the newcomers to enjoy? Nothing! It remains merely a well-researched and structured business system.

Knowledge is worth nothing when you keep it to yourself. We like to pass on the experience through a series of webinars and various programmes we’ve created to make your transition to a franchisee as smooth as possible.

Educating and coaching our franchisees is not just a one-time thing at the very beginning of your franchise business when welcoming you to the Fantastic family. It is an ongoing program that helps integrate new franchisees into our community of like-minded people. You will continuously learn and grow with us through social media groups, webinars, and personal coaching sessions. What’s more important, we like to encourage your feedback and embrace it.

We are one team

Collaboration, listening skills, and teamwork are all integral parts of our success. We know we can always become better at what we do, and therefore, we provide a platform for our franchisees to give feedback and exchange ideas.

We like to stir up the conversation and work with our franchisees as a team, allowing them to provide their expert advice on the company’s critical decisions.

We genuinely believe that our collaborative approach is what makes our partners stay with us for years. Here is what Julian, Area Development franchisee had to say about our partnership:

“There’s a level of trust and understanding, and that’s what we were always looking for. We know that no matter what happens in the future, we’re always going to be supported.”

We take you personally

We care about your success because we know maths. 

The formula is simple – your success is equal to our success. It is no secret that the relationship between a franchisee and a franchisor is a dependent one. So we like to get to know our franchisees better, so we can offer a personalised solution and approach.

We like to celebrate your successes together and prioritise your work when the going gets tough. Our franchise expert Aoife O’Tarpaigh wants to keep it real and talk about each new franchisee’s expectations during their onboarding process. In the onboarding process, she creates an actionable plan for success for each Area Development or Master franchisee. With her approach, she sets the ground for success for our new franchisees.

Choosing the right partner can be a daunting task, we get it. Some franchisors will have the right tools and technology but lack responsiveness and a personal approach. Others may have great coaching programs but a rigid system with many restrictions. 

At Fantastic Services, we like to focus on our partnership’s quality by helping you make a smooth transition into our family with the right tools and technology. Since we are firm believers in the maxim that “actions speak louder than words,” you may read what others say about us here.

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  • Last update: May 25, 2022

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