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IT support: When technology meets people

Your Fantastic business management made easy.

Information technologies are changing business organisations at a phenomenal speed. But often, business owners’ blind faith in innovation itself fails them tremendously in their high expectations for improved efficiency of their operations. New complex systems and apps are purchased as if they are running out of fashion only to fall flat, in terms of cost vs. a mediocre increase in productivity within the organisation.

We did the opposite.

We invested in people to create and develop the technology WE need.

The Fantastic way to innovation

We are self-reliant when it comes to introducing technology and making it an intrinsic part of the Fantastic DNA. The last decade has been kind to us by giving us the chance to meet some of the best minds in the IT sector. Young geniuses, whose mojo shines in their work.

Who is behind your Fantastic IT support?

We’re happy to tell you that we rely on our very own and dedicated IT team. They are the problem-solvers who take the pains and hassles out of lives at Fantastic Services. The web, app, and internal IT system developers breathe to create and make life easy. Yours, ours and that of your customers.

What they do and why

We custom build or adapt everything Fantastic that lives on a screen, at the front, and in the background. We’ve created software tools and systems that are synchronised like clockwork. A virtual plane of instruments that bring automation into all our business management processes.

  • Mobile apps - BFantastic and GoFantastic make life simpler for you and your teams on one hand, and your customers, on the other.
  • Interactive booking form - Real-time online booking that saves time and takes the guesswork out of the equation.
  • XRM - A system, where the management of people and business and service provision processes is in one place, easily accessible by all Fantastic family members like you.
  • Websites and online accounts - The customer user-friendly experience depends on well-designed and perfectly functioning websites.
  • The Fantastic Academy - Your dedicated online learning platform, designed for the skill development and growth of partners and in-house staff.

So, to sum up, the IT wizards are behind our efforts to fine-tune your customers’ online service experience, the automated relationship management of your team of service providers, as well as the internal company processes and seamless communication of our in-house experts, who use various project and content management systems, in order to support your and our business growth.

Game-changing the industry

There’s nothing more reassuring for you to know that you’ll be joining a company that is beyond well-adjusted to the exciting new decade of the 21st century. And ready to surpass its own dreams.

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