Marketing Support

Online and Offline Marketing: Doing advertising at its finest

Relying on our robust marketing strategies, we are giving you the marketing support you need to attract customers and generate sales. Promoting your business using both - online and offline marketing campaigns is the best way to help you get established quickly and grow continuously.

Our in-house marketing team understands our customers and has developed a marketing plan encouraging traffic to our platforms and leads to you. It includes quarterly and seasonal campaigns on a range of different channels and platforms. On top of that, we believe in the proven old-school methods of offline marketing and we use them as an effective tool to build brand awareness.

Our Fantastic teams:

  • PPC
  • E-mail and SMS
  • Social Media
  • PR & Outreach
  • UX & Online sales
  • Offline Marketing

And more roles, including content creators, writers, designers and internal marketing specialists.

Online Marketing

One of the main principles of digital marketing is to catch the zeitgeist and emotions of the customers. Our experienced and empathetic staff know the audience and always aim to deliver the right message at the right time.

With sharp ideas and creative master plans, we know how to cut through the noise.

How we do it

Our teams combine their powers to bring together omnichannel marketing campaigns that include:

  • Google ads, Bing ads, in-app ads, paid directories
  • B2B and B2C email and SMS campaigns
  • Franchisees/Pros newsletters
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest campaigns for the brand
  • Social media ads for services
  • UX for all websites
  • UX and UI for our Fantastic apps
  • OBF and APP booking forms
  • Blog content and guest blogging
  • SEO

  • Offline Marketing

    It could be more beneficial but digital marketing is not the only way to get results. Our offline practices were proven to be successful in increasing exposure of the brand and lead generation. That’s why our marketing support also includes:

    • Radio ads
    • TV ads
    • Print ads (billboards, ads in magazines and newspapers, brochures, business cards)
    • Guerilla marketing campaigns
    • Street campaigns (hand to hand flyer distribution)
    • Telemarketing (signs and leaflets)
    • Retention materials for customers

    Do not worry, we didn’t miss out SEO by mistake. Just the opposite, we dedicated a special page where you can learn more about our powerful Search Engine Optimisation.

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