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We help you get better at what you love doing

We pride ourselves that our Working franchisees are best-in-business. By joining our team we’ll make sure you’re providing the best services in your respective field.

Field training for cleaning and gardening franchisees.

While you don’t have to be a certified professional to start as a cleaning or gardening franchisee, we make sure your skills are unmatched to other service providers in the sector.

Once you start working under the Fantastic Services brand, we’ll get you on a six-day intensive training course showing you the nitty-gritty of the cleaning/gardening services.

Our certified trainers will make sure you’re up to par with our company requirements. Here’s what you can expect the first couple of weeks upon starting.

  • Phase One

During your first six days as a Fantastic Services professional you’ll go through a training period with one of our certified trainers. This is to make sure you’re truly Fantastic and maybe even show us a trick or two yourself.

  • Phase Two

We call this “Intensive Support” week. Now that we’re sure you can do well on your own, we want to help you integrate our procedures in your workflow. Regular video calls and meetings with our quality control will make sure everything is going smoothly.

Field support for certified services.

For certified services such as pest control, handyman, plumbing and electrician you’ll spend a trial day with one of our top-performing specialists. After that, you’ll get coached by your performance manager on integrating the company procedures into your daily workflow.

For more information, see our pest control, handyman, plumbing and electrician pages.

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